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Odell Beckham trade? Examining potential partners for Giants

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If a deal did happen, what might it look like?

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Detroit Lions v New York Giant Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Everyone seems to be writing about potential trade scenarios for Odell Beckham Jr. — if the New York Giants ultimately decide that is the direction they wish to go in. Peter King has offered his ideas. Will Brinson of CBS has done the same.

Our overlords at the SB Nation flagship have also proposed scenarios, identifying five potential landing spots for Beckham if the Giants were to decide to part with the superstar wide receiver.

Let’s talk about them. I will give you the teams identified, the flagship’s reasons, and my own view. I know there are Giants fans who don’t want to entertain any of this, but until the Giants unequivocally squash the idea that they might be willing to move Beckham — which they have not done — it’s irresponsible not to consider the possibilities. So, here we go.

Cleveland Browns

SB Nation says:

When it comes to resources, no team is loaded quite like the Browns. The team has five picks in the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft, including the No. 1 and 4 selections.

Giving up a top-four pick for Beckham is a tall ask, but some kind of package with a combination of the team’s first five draft picks could easily get the job done — especially if the Giants’ No. 2 overall pick is tossed into the mix.

The Browns also lead the NFL in salary cap space, even after acquiring Jarvis Landry in a trade with the Dolphins. ... If the Browns decide Beckham is a player they want, no team is better equipped to make it happen.

Valentine’s View: I have to agree with this. The Browns could surrender the fourth pick, and some combination of their second-round picks or 2019 first-round pick. They have the resources, and they have been aggrressive enough this offseason that I can see them trying to make it happen.

Indianapolis Colts

SB Nation says:

Despite being among the league leaders in cap space, the Colts have been quiet so far in 2018. On the team’s short list of free agent acquisitions were wide receiver Ryan Grant and tight end Eric Ebron to replace the loss of receiver Donte Moncrief.

But the biggest move made by Indianapolis was a trade with the Jets to move down three spots in the draft order to No. 6 in exchange for three second-round picks.

That gives the team capital to help out Andrew Luck, who missed all of 2017 with a shoulder injury and hasn’t had much to work with during his career so far.

Valentine’s View: I hadn’t really thought about the Colts, but they can offer the Giants pretty much the same deal the Browns could. The No. 6 pick and a couple of second-rounders, or first-rounders this year and next.

San Francisco 49ers

SB Nation says:

The 49ers seemingly struck gold by trading for Jimmy Garoppolo in October, yet haven’t done much so far to build up the cast around him. The team signed Weston Richburg up front and added Jerick McKinnon to the backfield. But the 49ers’ wide receiving corps is still underwhelming with Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin leading the way.

Valentine’s View: The 49ers have been uber-aggressive ever since John Lynch became GM. They have plenty of money, but would they have enough draft picks? They have the ninth overall pick, but their only second-round pick is No. 59 — near the bottom of the round. They would almost certainly have to be willing to cough up a second first-round pick.

Green Bay Packers

SB Nation says:

The Packers reportedly had interest in Sammy Watkins, but he signed with the Chiefs. Allen Robinson said Green Bay was one of two finalists before he picked the Chicago Bears.

This offseason, the Packers landed Jimmy Graham and extended Davante Adams. Trading for Beckham would add a truly scary element to the Green Bay offense, though.

Valentine’s View: This is another one I hadn’t really thought about. The Packers are not traditionally a team that makes splash moves, but they have a new GM — Brian Gutekunst — and have been more open to big moves this offseason. They have the 14th and 45th overall picks. That might be a place to start.

Los Angeles Rams

SB Nation says:

LA is on this list, because it was reportedly one of the first teams to throw their name into the hat for Beckham. Citing “multiple league sources,” the New York Daily News reports the Rams have already been in contact with the Giants about a potential trade for Beckham.

The Rams have aggressively pursued players this offseason that other teams have considered headaches. Trading for Peters and Aqib Talib was a start, and the team continued that by signing Ndamukong Suh.

Beckham — a star beyond just the football field — would fit in well in LA. Making the trade happen could be difficult, though.

Valentine’s View: The Rams, indeed, are the first team that seems to get mentioned by anyone talking about Beckham trades. Would the 23rd overall pick this year and LA’s first-round pick next year get it done? Brinson suggested that the Rams would also have to toss in a late-round pick this year.

Final thoughts

I am not suggesting that the Giants take any of these trades -- if any are even on the table. Right now, they are just speculative “what could the Giants get in return for Beckham?” ideas.

This just gives us an idea of what some perceive a deal might look like if the Giants ultimately decide they need a divorce from Beckham.