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Dave Gettleman deflects questions about whether he wants Odell Beckham on Giants

What is going on here?

NFL: New York Giants-GM Dave Gettleman Press Conference Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, firefighting skills were not required when New York Giants ownership hired a new coach and general manager. Just hours after head coach Pat Shurmur fanned the flames of the three-alarm blaze Odell Beckham Jr. trade speculation has become GM Dave Gettleman slammed a few more logs onto the fire.

Gettleman did allow this much:

In case you missed it, what Shurmur said about Beckham was “He’s on our team right now.”

What gives? Why are the Giants being so aggressive, or maybe passive aggressive, in their language toward Beckham? Gettleman and Shurmur certainly sound like they would be fine moving on without Beckham.

I have some thoughts on what might or might not be happening here — what is real, what might just be smoke and where this all might be headed. I want to ponder this one for a bit, though, before offering a knee-jerk reaction.

For now, I’m sure you guys have plenty of thoughts of your own.