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Steve Tisch: Odell Beckham Jr. video “background noise”

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Co-owner doesn’t seem as bothered as John Mara

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Steve Tisch
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

On Sunday, New York Giants co-owner John Mara said he was “disappointed” by the recent Odell Beckham Jr. video and his continued presence in the headlines for matters not related to football. On Monday, Mara’s counterpart, Steve Tisch, downplayed the video as “background noise” and said he hadn’t watched it.

Tisch, per a variety of reports, had more to say about Beckham. He called a potential holdout by Beckham “hypothetical” and said the superstar wide receiver had not become too big of a distraction.

“When too much becomes too much, I think everybody’s aware of it. And I hope we don’t get to that point and cross that line,” Tisch said. “It’s not been too much yet, but I think because there’s so much conversation about him, I just want everyone to pull back and realize that we will negotiate when the time to negotiate comes.’’

Tisch indicated that talks with Beckham’s representatives about a new contract are “at the earliest, most premature stages.”

Put Tisch firmly in the camp of those who want Beckham to remain with the Giants.

“I do hope that Odell is with the Giants for the 2018 season. I would like that very much,” he said.

GM Dave Gettleman told reporters “I can read” when asked about the reports Beckham wouldn’t play without a new contract. He offered no further comment.

Quotes were culled from tweets by Paul Schwartz, Tom Rock, Ralph Vacchiano, Dan Duggan and Ryan Dunleavy.