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Mailbag: JPP, Bradley Chubb, QBs, free agency, more

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Mail’s here!

We are inching closer and closer to the 2018 NFL Draft, and an intriguing week has left fans of the New York Giants with questions. Let’s open up the BBV mailbag and answer some.

Ed says: Some folks probably get tired of me saying it, but there is always a chance. This, though, I just don’t see. I can see getting back into the late part of the first round to add someone who would play right away, but not this. Also, I am just not sure Dave Gettleman would go for Lamar Jackson.

Also, let’s clarify something. The Giants DO NOT have three third-round picks. They have two — 66th and 69th overall.

David Simonelli asks: Is there the possibility that the Giants could resign DRC if the market for him doesn’t turn out to what he expected it to be? Is there any bad blood between him and the organization over his being cut, might he consider returning at a better price later in free agency?

Ed says: There is no “bad blood” that I know of between Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the Giants. There is simply a difference of opinion over the value of the player. The Giants wanted DRC to take a pay cut, like John Jerry did. He said no. The Giants cut him. DRC believes he can find more money elsewhere than the Giants are willing to pay him, and he’s probably going to win that bet. It’s highly unlikely he would turn back to the Giants.

Ed says: I think that is painting with too broad of a brush. I believe the fan base is divided. Some are Saquon Barkley diehards, and they don’t want to hear any reason for any other pick. Some are quarterback or bust believers, and those folks are split when it comes to which quarterback they want. There are assorted Quenton Nelson or Bradley Chubb boosters. A large segment also believes trading down and collecting extra picks is the right thing to do.

You are absolutely right about the need for a quarterback. You can win occasionally without an elite quarterback, the Eagles just won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles. You can’t, though, compete year in and year out and have a chance to win without a top-tier quarterback.

Do the Giants really believe Eli Manning can give them 2-3 more quality years? Do they see a franchise QB other than Sam Darnold worth that pick at No. 2? How do they view Davis Webb? We can all look for clues, and believe me we are, but none of us know for sure.

Edwin Gommers asks: Who should the Giants target with the $12.5m cleared cap space? A few names come to mind: Fleming, Winston, Boone on the o-line, McPhee, Barwin as OLBs, DRC (bring back?) a FS like Mike Mitchell? Some of them could come cheap.

Ed says: Edwin, where are you getting the idea that the Giants cleared $12.5 million in salary cap space? After terminating the contract of Dwayne Harris they appear to have somewhere around $7.6 million in cap space. That is, of course, fluid. They are estimated to need more than $9 million to sign their upcoming draft picks — again, a fluid number. No idea where your numbers are coming from but the Giants don’t appear to have the money right now to do much more in free agency.

Heather Peterson asks: Do you think the JPP move was a good idea?

Ed says: Yes. I think this was an excellent move for the Giants.

I think that the contract Pierre-Paul got from the Giants was for too many years and too much money. Getting out from under it saves the Giants massive amounts of money in 2019 and 2020, money that can be put towards either or both Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins.

I also think it removes a player who I believe has already played his best football and wasn’t a good fit for the new defensive scheme. Getting a third-round pick in return is also excellent value.

Ed says: No. I explained all of that in a post on Friday.