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Friday Five: Offseason moves, JPP, Davis Webb, more

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Our weekly — well, sort of weekly — Q&A with Pat Traina

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a couple of weeks since Pat Traina and I teamed up for a “Friday Five” Q&A. Let’s hope this week’s questions and answers make up for that. Check out my answers to these same questions over at Inside Football.

Question: Whether it is an over-arching idea or a single move, what is your favorite thing the Giants have done so far this offseason?

Pat says: Just one? Okay, how about the contract maneuvering that was done? I like that they shortened John Jerry’s contract early and that they were willing to take the cap hit on Jason Pierre-Paul’s deal following the trade because this potentially means that they’re going to have minimal dead cap space next year, And that also puts them in a great position to get both Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins signed thanks to the extra cap space both of those transactions created for 2019.

Question: The reverse of that. The one thing that has left you scratching your head about what the Giants have done this offseason?

Pat says: You know what? I can’t say there is one thing that has me scratching my head. I suppose some people might say I should be wondering why receiver Brandon Marshall is still on the roster, but I understand why he is, so that’s not perplexing to me since I understand the rules.

Question: We keep seeing videos of Davis Webb in various throwing sessions. From your perspective, can we learn anything useful from these?

Pat says: Well it’s a very small sample size, but I think his coaches and trainers can evaluate things such as pocket awareness, reads, footwork, throwing motion, etc. — all things that I’m sure Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have already evaluated based on Webb’s practice tape with the team. So, the short answer is you and I probably can’t learn a whole lot based on the small sample size but again, with the Giants having more tape and evidence at their disposal, I’m sure they have a pretty good idea as to what Webb might bring to the party.

Question: A Jason Pierre-Paul question. When you think of JPP’s career, how do you summarize it? A great career? A disappointing career? Somewhere in the middle?

Pat says: The word I would use is “streaky.” I never questioned Pierre-Paul’s effort or his desire to be great, but for whatever the reason, he was streaky thorough his career. Part of it was due to his injuries — the back, the shoulder and then his hand. I admire him for fighting through all that, but let’s be realistic. If you have a major injury, you’re probably not going to be the same if that injury necessitates surgery. That’s what I think happened with Pierre-Paul.

Question: Writers are people, too! We all obviously have people and players we enjoy dealing with, and some we don’t. Of the players on the 2017 Giants who won’t be back, is there one player you will miss interacting with?

Pat says: I think you can make a case for Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg, who were standup guys always willing to help you out if you had a question. Brad Wing and Orleans Darkwa and Jonathan Casillas were also guys I enjoyed interacting with as well. But I would have to say if I had to pick one guy, it would be D.J. Fluker. His enthusiasm and passion for being a Giant was so genuine. And you know for a big man, he was as gentle as a baby and just so helpful. Seriously, if the locker room had 53 Flukers in it, imagine how much fun it would be to deal with that personality every day.