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Giants news, 3/21: Phil Simms offers Giants advice with No. 2 pick

What would the former quarterback do with the pick?

Wyoming v UNLV
Josh Allen
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What would Phil Simms do with the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft if he was in Dave Gettleman’s shoes? Here is what Simms told Adam Schein Tuesday on Sirius XM NFL Radio about how he believes the New York Giants should approach the pick.

“Listen, are they going to trade the second pick, let’s say, to Buffalo for the 12th pick and whatever and all this other stuff? Quite honestly, I don’t think it’s a great draft this year, Adam. When I look at it, it’s not like last year when you can get a fourth round guy and the guy can start and be an All Pro player. Last year’s draft was phenomenal. I don’t feel that when I look at the players this year,” Simms said.

“I haven’t gone that deep into [it] yet but I will before draft day, that’s for sure. And I think the fan base, I hate to say it, but you think the fans are going to be happy if the Giants move back and get the 12th pick and twenty-something pick and do all that? No. They want a superstar. What do they see? What are they going to build? Are we going to try to win this thing next year with Eli Manning and the moves they’re making and all that? If you’re going to do that then it’s [Saquon] Barkley without question. But if you’re looking anything into the future, if Josh Allen is sitting there and they don’t take him then I would think they would get a ransom for Josh Allen. So if Cleveland takes Sam Darnold, or Barkley, and Josh Allen is sitting there, that would be interesting. I think Cleveland will take a quarterback first so the Giants are going to be sitting there and if Josh Allen is there and Barkley is there, then there are going to be a lot of teams flying up there to get that pick for Josh Allen, I think.”

Simms also knows what he would do if he was Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey:

“If it was me, just off what I’ve seen and everything, yes, without question Josh Allen would be my number one pick if I was the Cleveland Browns.”

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