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Giants news, 3/20: Michael Bennett’s warning, draft, more

Let’s check today’s headlines

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NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks Team Media Availability
Michael Bennett
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The New York Giants were busy Monday, signing four free agents to create and competition for roster spots. What will happen on Tuesday? Who knows? Here are a few headlines to get your day started.

How the Jets’ trade with Indy increased the value of the Giants’ No. 2 pick – The Athletic
The Giants have always had three options with the No. 2 pick in the draft:

1. Take the best quarterback available to succeed Eli Manning (UCLA’s Josh...

Bills GM says he's 'not ready to pull the trigger' on moving up for a quarterback -
The Bills are behind at least three teams that are interested in a first-round quarterback

Eagles’ new sack threat calls out Eli Manning | New York Post

“This defense is just another opportunity to line up on tight ends. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a tight end in the NFL who can block me,” Bennett told reporters, when asked about how his role might change as part of the Eagles defense. “I know Eli Manning is probably watching this and thinking, ‘Yes, I’m coming.’ I know Dak [Prescott] is watching this and saying, ‘Yeah, he’s coming.’ Yeah, I am. And Alex Smith, he knows he can’t run from me. I told him in the Pro Bowl.

“It’s definitely gonna be a great season and it will be fun to be out here and be able to chase quarterbacks. I just know third down, and second down and first down, is gonna be fun.”

The state of every NFL team after Week 1 of free agency | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus

The Giants will be without two versatile offensive linemen in 2018 in Pugh and Richburg who have each spent time at multiple positions on the line. While they spent big on left tackle Solder which frees them up to move Ereck Flowers to the right side, the interior of the offensive line will be re-tooled and re-shaped come opening day this season. As it stands now, Omameh will likely see snaps as the starting left guard but whether New York sees Greco and Omameh as the answers to fill those gaps lost by Pugh and Richburg after two lackluster seasons long-term or not remains to be seen.

While the Giants may select their quarterback of the future at No. 2 in the draft, they’ll have to do more than find Eli Manning’s replacement in April to fill the gaps in the roster as of now. With the 29th-lowest salary cap space, it seems likely the draft will be where they have to attack in order to bring in depth an additional players this offseason.

Make the Case: RB Saquon Barkley vs. QB Sam Darnold

Odell Beckham Jr: A Smart Conversation About the Giants Trading the WR |
Some people are complaining that the Giants' young wide receiver doesn't deserve a contract after an inconclusive video surfaced. Cutting him might not be the answer, but trading him might be.