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Josh Rosen gives Giants a shout out after his Pro Day workout

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Rosen throws well during session

NFL: Combine
Josh Rosen
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft hopefuls are salesmen at this time of year, pitching themselves to teams in any way they can. The quarterbacks likely to be selected at or near the top of the draft are no exceptions, and they know the New York Giants have the No. 2 pick and might use it on a quarterback.

UCLA’s Josh Rosen made his “I Love New York” pitch during a chat with Mike Mayock following his Pro Day on Thursday when he gave the Giants a shout out.

“For me the coolest part of this meeting people from all around the country,” Rosen told Mayock. “I remember sitting in a meeting with the Giants and I kinda double-took it. Coach Shurmur, I just saw your press conference like two weeks ago. This is kinda cool.”

Wyoming’s Josh Allen made his “pick me” plea to Shurmur and the Giants during the Combine.

“Coach Shurmur is a super bright mind. I like him a lot. I actually got the chance to talk to him in Mobile. Sat down with him for a little bit. He’s a really good dude. If I was fortunate enough to play under him, I’d be super stoked,” Allen said.

Rosen, for what it’s worth, was impressive during his Pro Day throwing session.

“I thought he threw the ball beautifully. By the way, not a surprise,” Mayock said. “The most natural thrower in the draft. Clear feet. Clear vision. He’s beautiful. His issue is going to be, in my opinion, durability and the ability to survive in the NFL pocket.”