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Buffalo Bills trade LT Cordy Glenn to Cincinnati Bengals

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The Bills are moving Glenn, just not to the Giants

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the New York Giants have spent the last few months speculating on ways to improve the Giants woebegone offensive line.

One of the potential solutions hit upon by fans was the inclusion of Buffalo Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn in a trade package for the second overall pick (as well as both of Buffalo’s first-round picks).

That solution flew out the window Monday afternoon when the Bills traded Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans should take heart, however, that a scenario that saw Glenn come to the Giants was likely never really realistic. There is nothing wrong with speculating in that vein in the off-season, but with an $11.25 million cap hit, trading for Glenn would have used up most of the Giants’ cap space.

It’s also worth noting that Glenn finished the 2017 season on the injured reserve with foot and ankle issues.

The Giants are reportedly facing competition from the San Francisco 49ers for top target OG Andrew Norwell, while OT Nate Solder is not being talked about in connection to the Giants.