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Cris Carter to Odell Beckham: “Enough of this stupidness”

Hall of Famer says he is “disappointed” in Beckham

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In the wake of the viral Odell Beckham Jr. video that surfaced last week showing him in bed with a woman and possibly surrounded by drugs, Beckham mentor and NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter has had enough. Carter ripped into Beckham’s behavior Monday on FS1’s ‘First Things First.’

Here is the entire rant:

“I’m so disappointed and I expect better from him. It’s enough with the excuses. Time for you to grow up and stop being a little boy. If you want to be a national brand, damn act like it. If you want someone to pay you as the highest-paid receiver in the history of the game, damn act like it.

”Enough is enough. I’m sick of talking about him and the negative aspects. I can’t talk about him and his releases. I can’t talk about him catching the ball in traffic? Why? Because of this? This matters. Your image in sports will always matter. And you are in sports. You are not some rapper.

”You are in the NFL. You are under contract with the New York Football Giants. Act like it matters. Because they’ve had other Giants players along their career, it didn’t matter to them. And it affected their arc as far as how great we consider them to be.

”The greatest Giant ever (Lawrence Taylor) struggled off the field. Until this day, he still does not have his life under control. To see another great athlete and to see that happen to them, I will not sit here and act like this is normal. No, it’s not normal.

”This guy is an unbelievable talent, as talented as anyone I have ever seen. So I am disgusted with the whole thing. OBJ, call me, man. Enough of this stupidness.”

Carter’s comments are vastly different than his attitude last May when he put Beckham through a workout.

Beckham, of course, has expressed a desire to be the NFL’s highest-paid player and has said he would like the contract taken care of before the 2018 season. The video certainly is not going to help his cause.

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