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Draft news and notes ... and more love for Alec Ogletree

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Jesse’s weekly draft notebook

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

A lot of NFL Draft stuff floating around the interwebs and I’m going to highlight some of the more interesting stories, but first, for the long timers it took a long time to nab him, but the Giants finally nabbed my 2013 NFL Draft crush, Alec Ogletree. A move I’m very excited about, Ogletree always had speed and ability, and while he hasn’t been an All-pro in St. Louis he has been a good NFL player (which Chris broke down here). (Which Chris broke down here).

Pro Football Focus isn’t a big fan (but who cares?), here’s what I know Ogletree has played essentially four full seasons with the Rams (injury took away one) and has amassed tackles of 117, 111, 136, and 95 and also has defended at least 10 passes in each of those seasons. No linebacker for the Giants had more than 60 tackles this year. That’s just not good enough.

The combine is just the first part of the process, there are a lot of Pro-days that will be coming up over the next two months that continue to supplement team’s information on prospects. There’s also a few guys a year who don’t get combine invites that light up pro-days. Here is your Pro Day schedule.

Quarterback still seems to be the odds on favorite for the Giants at No. 2 and Todd McShay is transcribed here a bit by Jason Lieser on the top QB prospects.

More QB talk, Chris Trapasso at CBS has highlighted the QBs here.

Last QB talk, my all-time favorite NFL Draft pre-read is Matt Waldman of RSP. I honestly believe he is the best draftnik out there because I know he puts in all the work (his film sessions are great. Give him a follow @Mattwaldman. I preface all this because he puts out a comprehensive film review here of Sam Darnold.

Waldman is the same guy who has one of my favorite all time pre-draft reads (just a little throw back for you) Six plays that make me an Odell Beckham Jr. Fan

The Newark Star-Ledger thinks that Bradley Chubb to the Giants makes too much sense.

Stephen White for SB Nation is always a great read at this time of year. He writes that Quenton Nelson blocks like a goon and NFL teams are going to love it.

The reality is even if he never plays a down at tackle, Quenton Nelson showed a well rounded skill set and physical style that is worthy of a high first-round pick investment strictly at guard. He is the kind of guy that can give his new team a little attitude up front and that can’t hurt, either. With all these young, outstanding interior pass rushers in the league these days, a lot of teams need a guard like Nelson as a counter measure. I think one of those teams will snatch Nelson early in the top half of the first round for that very reason.

And they will not live to regret it.

Not sure who the Giants will take at No. 2 overall (or if they even will stay at No. 2 overall), but the possibilities are exciting.