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2018 NFL Draft prospect profile: Dimitri Flowers (FB/H-Back, Oklahoma)

Could the Oklahoma fullback be a weapon for the Giants?

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The New York Giants want to get back to running the football consistently. That was a stated objective of both the general manager and the head coach.

To do that they might need to upgrade the running back position, but they will also definitely need to upgrade their run blocking (while committing to calling run plays). Rebuilding the offensive line is obviously the first order of business, but what about blocking from other positions?

Modern offenses don’t have much use for fullbacks, particulary “blocking only” fullbacks such as former Giant Madison Hedgecock.

But what about a more versatile fullback, the so-called “H-Backs” who can line up in a variety of positions and contribute as ball carriers and receivers? Oklahoma’s Dimitri Flowers is one such player, and he is at once one of the more under-the-radar and intriguing offensive weapons in the draft.



  • Dependable blocker in both the run and pass.
  • Versatile player, able to contribute on most any down, distance, and situation.
  • Surprisingly good runner.
  • Capable receiver, able to run routes out of the backfield, in-line as a tight end, or split out as a receiver.
  • Good hands to catch the ball in traffic.


  • Lacks top-end speed.
  • Played against Big 12 defenses.
  • Is a fullback.

Prospect video

What they’re saying

“If I remember correctly, I talked to every team except the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cincinnati Bengals don’t use a fullback,” Flowers told the Tulsa World on Monday night.

“A lot of teams that I talked to, that was the main conversation — my versatility. They love that stuff, especially my willingness to play special teams. I did it all four years in Oklahoma. Just having the versatility and the experience of playing special teams is big to those teams.”

“They [Senior Bowl coaches] mentioned that there wasn’t a position listed for me because I do a whole bunch of different things,” Flowers said.


Does He Fit The Giants?

The fullback is a dying breed in the NFL. Put simply, most teams don’t have a use for a lead blocker in most modern offensive schemes. Instead, they would prefer to have an extra receiver or tight end on the field to give defenses another threat to worry about, as opposed to another blocker to account for.

But Dimitri Flowers is another breed altogether. He is a fullback in the mold of John Kuhn or former Giant Henry Hynoski. He’s a good athlete for a fullback and while he isn’t fast, he can adequately fill the role of “Big Back” for a team lacking a battering ram running back. But he is also a dangerous receiver from all over the offensive formation. He runs solid routes, moves better than you would anticipate, and has reliable hands. If an offensive coordinator is able to look past the “FB” after Flowers’ name and see what he was able to do for Oklahoma offense, he could prove to be a steal and a Swiss army knife for an offense.