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2018 NFL Draft prospect profile: Orlando Brown Jr., OT, Oklahoma

Orlando Brown Jr. is a giant of an offensive tackle. Will he be an offensive tackle for the Giants?

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oklahoma vs Georgia Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

“Big men allow you to compete.”

That’s what New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman believes, and as he moves to rebuild the Giants’ offensive line, big men is probably what he going to be looking for.

They don’t get much bigger than Oklahoma’s red-shirt junior left tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

Brown jr. is the son of late NFL left tackle Orlando “Zeus” Brown, and is very obviously his father’s son. If the Giants are looking for a massive lineman to add some heft to their offense and help rediscover a long-neglected running game, they will undoubtedly take a look at Brown.



  • Incredibly big offensive lineman. Huge frame and long arms let him simply engulf defenders.
  • Surprisingly light feet for a massive lineman.
  • Plays with rare power.
  • Generally a highly effective run blocker.
  • Experience at both left and right tackle.
  • Plays with a nasty streak. Looks to finish with the defender on the ground.
  • NFL bloodline, father was 11-year veteran offensive tackle Orlando “Zeus” Brown.


  • Sloppy hands. Hands are often at his sides, late coming up to strike defenders, or wind up outside rushers’ shoulders.
  • Too often bends at the waist rather than knees.
  • Very slow outside of a short area.
  • Conditioning is a question. Fatigue seemed to set in at the end of games, and he will need to watch his weight. Reportedly weighed 417 pounds as a high school senior.
  • Played in a spread-option offense. Rarely in a 3-point stance and will need to adjust to NFL blocking schemes.

Prospect video

What they’re saying

“He’s really big and he’s really long. In the NFL, big guys with long arms can play a long time so you don’t have to be the most skilled or the most athletic. He would make me nervous to put out there at left tackle without any help.”

- Former NFL offensive line coach” (via

Does He Fit The Giants?

Brown is a bit of a tough player to get a handle on.

On one hand, the tools to be a franchise tackle are evident. He has quick feet, long arms, and obvious power.

On the other hand, he hasn’t yet tied it all together yet. Perhaps that is because he was able to dominate Big 12 defenders with his sheer size and power. It’s also worth asking whether or not he is simply too big. His height gives him a very high center of gravity, while his mass makes bending his knees and dropping his hips difficult, and fatigue only made these issues worse.

Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman simply loves massive linemen. Linemen he has added are typically at least 6’5,” 320 with rare arm length and hand size. It is easy to see him falling in love with Brown and wanting to bookend him with another massive and powerful lineman in Ereck Flowers. However, the technique issues both share definitely give pause.