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How Josh McDaniels bailing on Colts could impact New York Giants

Offensive coordinator could face ramifications

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
Josh McDaniels

If you were among those campaigning for the New York Giants to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach, you are likely glad today that your wish did not come true. Had the Giants “hired” the New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator it could well be them scrambling around today — like the Indianapolis Colts are — after McDaniels jilted them at the last minute.

McDaniels, of course, was considered one of three finalists for the head-coaching job the Giants eventually gave to Pat Shurmur.

You can see how Colts fans are reacting to the news over at Stampede Blue. For the reaction from New England, check out Pats Pulpit.

The Giants have dodged the McDaniels bullet. That, though, doesn’t mean they won’t be impacted by the fallout.

Here’s how that could happen.

The Colts, obviously, are back to square one in terms of searching for a head coach. There are already reports that Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich could be a candidate for the job.

If Reich gets the job, the Eagles could promote quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo to the offensive coordinator role. DeFilippo is also a candidate for the coordinator job with the Minnesota Vikings. The domino there could be that Vikings’ QB coach Kevin Stefanski, a leading candidate for the Giants’ offensive coordinator vacancy, could get that job in Minnesota.

Maybe DeFilippo lands the Minnesota job, Reich lands the Indy job and the Eagles promote Duce Staley, also a leading candidate for the Giants’ vacancy. Maybe Reich gets the Colts’ gig and either DeFilippo or Staley follow him there.

The Giants already appear to have been waiting to find out what happens with the Minnesota job. Now, the Indianapolis opening could also affect their plans.

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