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2018 NFL Draft: Chris’s “Attitude Era” all Giants 6-round mock draft

Let’s try to change the Giants’ culture in a single off-season

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The 2018 NFL Scouting Combine is almost here, so that means that its time to put out a mock draft in celebration (or something like that).

Ed Valentine has been churning out FanSpeak mock drafts every Sunday, going through a variety of scenarios to see what might happen. Personally, I decided to go it my own, and not use a computer simulation. However, I also decided a while ago that I would get bored out of my gourd doing mocks where the New York Giants select whichever quarterback the Cleveland Browns don’t pick.

SO, I decided to do mine based around a theme and have some fun with it. Other than that, I’ll play them straight and pick players that fit and I’m pretty sure should be available when the Giants pick.

The theme for this mock? Well, I think the title says it all — with a nod to the pro wrestling fans out there. I’m going to try to get back that mean, nasty attitude the Giants have lacked since the days of Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, and Chris Snee.

Round 1 (2nd overall) - Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)

I can already hear it, but this has nothing to do with my ranking of Mayfield in relation to the other quarterbacks. In fact, my original pick was Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson, who is one of the nastiest maulers around. But, when it comes to sheer passion, attitude, and swagger, nobody sets the tone for this mock draft better than Mayfield — A part of me wants to see this pick just to see the reactions from some of the more ... venerable beat writers when Baker and Odell Beckham Jr. have a dance party in Dallas or Philly following a touchdown.

But come on, I’m titling this the “Attitude Era” mock draft, how could I pass on this guy?

(warning: gratuitous crotch grabs)

Round 2 (33rd overall) - Alex Cappa (OT, Humboldt State)

Okay, now we get to the offensive line and there isn’t a meaner, nastier offensive lineman in the draft than Alex Cappa. He has all the tools to be a starting offensive tackle, and offensive line specialist (and friend of BBV) Duke Manyweather is sold on him, which is good enough for me.

Cappa makes is the selection over guys like Billy Price or Will Hernandez because of his desire to try and bury defenders. Every. Single. Snap. [Prospect Profile]

Round 3 (66th overall) - Kyzir White (S/OLB, West Virginia)

White is a natural fit in James Bettcher’s “moneybacker” role, which is similar to the role he played on West Virginia’s defense. It might seem a bit redundant with Landon Collins already on the roster, but having both of them would ensure that there’s always a competent coverage player at the second level, while also giving Bettcher the freedom to move his best defensive playmaker (Collins) around the field.

Also, White routinely delivers tackles like these, and isn’t that what we want to see on defense?

Round 4 (102nd overall) - John Kelly (RB, Tennessee)

I have grown to have a pretty big draft crush on Kelly, or at least his play on the field (he does have some off-field concerns that need checking). In fact, he’s pretty much the reason why I decided on this theme for my pre-combine mock draft. Kelly is quite possibly the ANGRIEST runner I have seen since 2011-vintage Ahmad Bradshaw or 2014 Marshawn Lynch. He isn’t a big runner, listed at just 5-foot-9, 205 pounds, but he looks to hit the “truck” stick every run, and there were a couple times I was expecting him to slug a ref, just because.

I mean ...

Round 4 (135th overall) - Sean Welsh (OG, Iowa)

I wanted to add an interior player, and Welsh is a good candidate to develop into at least a good starting guard. He can play in pretty much any scheme, comes from an offense that uses Pro Style concepts, and is a mauler in the run game.

Welsh has that hard-nosed, lunch pail type mentality, and the Giants can use every ounce of that they can get, not to mention offensive linemen. [Prospect Profile]

Round 5 (139th overall) - Davin Bellamy (EDGE, Georgia)

Roquan Smith and Lorenzo Carter get all the attention, but Davin Bellamy could be a great find this late in the draft. He hasn’t quite put it all together yet, but he has the length, size, and athleticism to be an impact edge rusher at the next level. But what gets him picked here instead of some other guys is reputation as a frenetic, aggressive, and tenacious rusher who played through a broken hand this year. The Giants couldn’t get to the passer in 2017, and Bellamy could help change that.

Round 6 (176th) - Shaquem Griffin (OLB, UCF)

I’m following Dan Pizzuta’s lead here and nabbing Griffin to put a capstone on the draft. He will fall in the draft because he only has one hand, but Griffin plays the game at a different speed and would probably go in the first two rounds if he had both hands. If I’m a coach, I want the sheer toughness and work ethic he displays, not to mention athleticism and talent, in my locker room.

Griffen will probably find a home as a dime linebacker and special teams ace, but how could anyone give anything less than their absolute utmost while this guy is out there?

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