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Podcast: Sage Rosenfels on Pat Shurmur, Eli Manning, Davis Webb, more

Ex-NFL QB offers lots of valuable insight

NFL: New York Giants-Pat Shurmur Press Conference
Pat Shurmur
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Who better to talk about Pat Shurmur, Eli Manning, and the future at quarterback for the New York Giants than someone who covers the Minnesota Vikings, played with Manning, and 11 years as a quarterback in the NFL?

Sage Rosenfels made guest appearance Thursday on the ‘Locked on Giants’ podcast with Patricia Traina and myself. Rosenfels was an NFL quarterback from 2001 to 2011, including some time with the Giants. He currently co-hosts the ‘Locked on Vikings’ podcast and writes for The Athletic.

Rosenfels dropped lots of valuable insight on us. Among the topics covered:

  • What makes Shurmur so good as an offensive coach.
  • How Shurmur might address the locker room issues that plagued the Giants in 2017.
  • How Eli Manning will adjust to playing for Shurmur.
  • What the future might hold for Davis Webb.
  • Thoughts on the top quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft class.
  • Whether or not Vikings’ running back Jerick McKinnon could be a free agent fit for the Giants.

Give the show a listen. You can find us at, ITunes, and Megaphone. There is an RSS feed available, as well.