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Marcus Peters for Eli Apple: Is that a deal the Giants should try to make?

And no, that’s not a rumor. We’re just tossing around ideas here.

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs
Marcus Peters
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To get rid of a problem of your own, sometimes you have to take on someone else’s problem. Which brings us to the seeds of an idea for the New York Giants.

Eli Apple is a talented, but immature 22-year-old cornerback who had a miserable second season with the Giants. His effort was questioned at times by teammates and coaches, he had a public spat with Landon Collins, many believe he was one of the anonymous players who complained to the media about former coach Ben McAdoo, and he ended the year suspended after an argument with an assistant coach. There is much speculation about whether or not the 2016 first-round pick can have a future with the Giants.

Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs is a talented 25-year-old cornerback who has made the Pro Bowl twice in three seasons, was a first-team All-Pro in 2016 and a second-team All-Pro as a rookie in 2015. He has, though, had plenty of difficulty of his own channeling his passion and controlling his emotion during three seasons in Kansas City.

There was this incident against the New York Jets, where Peters tossed an official’s flag into the stands, got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, left the field thinking he had been ejected, then returned, umm, not ready to play. lists both Apple and Peters among the players most likely to be traded this offseason. Could they be traded for each other, albeit with some other ancillary pieces tossed in?

Both are former first-round picks, Apple 10th overall in 2016 and Peters 18th overall in 2016. Both, perhaps, would benefit from changes in scenery. Both also remain on their rookie contracts, so the finances aren’t really an issue.

Would the Chiefs deal Peters?

Chiefs fans don’t want to see the team part with Peters. Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead Pride lays out the reasons for and against Kansas City trading Peters.

Why should KC keep him? He’s really, really good.

“Peters is one of the best cornerbacks in the National Football League and is still just 25 years old. Since he entered the league in 2015, no cornerback has more interceptions—he has 19 and the field starts with 14—and he is a two-time All-Pro. Peters also won the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2015.”

Why should they move on from him? He’s, for lack of a better family-friendly word, a knucklehead.

“The first, indisputable argument is that Marcus Peters loses his cool way too often on the football field. Officially, Peters has four career unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, in addition to one taunting call. If you watch the Chiefs every week either at Arrowhead Stadium or on television, we all know it could be much worse than that.

“We’ve seen Peters scream obscenities at fans in the stands, referees and opponents alike.”

The Kansas City Star is reporting that as of now there are no indications that the Chiefs actually are planning to trade Peters.

What if you’re the Giants?

If you are Giants GM Dave Gettleman and the Chiefs actually offered a deal centered around Peters and Apple I think you say “yes,” turn in the paperwork to the league as fast as humanly possible and announce the deal before the Chiefs have a chance to change their minds. Even if you have to toss in a mid-round pick or two in order to make it happen.


First and foremost, you clearly get the better player. Apple has shown some ability, but he has two interceptions and one forced fumble in two years. Peters has two Pro Bowls, a first-team All-Pro nod, 19 interceptions and five forced fumbles in three seasons.

Secondly, yes Peters has had difficulty controlling his emotions during games. He did get a suspension for arguing with a coach after the leaving the field incident shown above. There have not been any reports, though, that Peters has had issues with teammates or is any type of locker room issue.

The only potential reason I can come up with, from a Giants perspective for not making a deal like this if it were offered, is that Peters is three years older than Apple.

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Would you approve of this deal if it actually became reality?