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2018 NFL Draft prospect profile: Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama

Could Scarbrough bring the thunder back to the Giants’ offense?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL Draft’s running back class is stacked with talent, and there are backs for every need and scheme. There are every-down bell cow backs, smaller scat-backs, backs that will excel in zone schemes and running backs that are built for power schemes.

And when it comes to “power” backs, there are few more powerful, or imposing, than Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough. When all goes well, Scarbrough is like a runaway freight train carrying a football. He is far from perfect, but if a team, such as the New York Giants, is looking to add an intimidating presence to their backfield, Scarbrough will get a look.



  • Big, powerful, battering ram of a running back.
  • Decent speed in the open field.
  • Reliable pass protector.
  • Shows some ability as a pass catcher.
  • Good patience to set up his blocks.
  • Runs behind his pads and almost always falls forwards to pick up extra yardage
  • Surprisingly “low milage”. Fewer than 300 carries in 3 years at Alabama.


  • Needs a “runway” to get up to speed.
  • Not terribly quick in and out of his cuts, and can’t be creative behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Doesn’t have the acceleration to bounce runs outside or get the edge if an off-tackle run isn’t blocked well.
  • Significant injury history. Medical reports will be vital.

Prospect video

What they’re saying


“He’s in the old school mode of big and physical with no third down value as a pass catcher. Give him room and he’s trouble but how is he going to get yards if he has a bad line in front of him?” - Former NFL offensive coordinator


Does He Fit The Giants?

Scarbrough is likely schematically limited at the next level, but if a team that runs their backs from behind center (as opposed to out of the shotgun) is looking for a sledgehammer of a running back, the big back from Alabama has to interest them.

He probably won’t fit in an offense that is built on outside zone runs, or requires their running backs to be receivers, but Scarbrough is impressively powerful. He is next to impossible for lone defenders to bring down, and often carries would-be tacklers (or drives defenders back) to pick up yards after contact, making him a weapon in short-yardage situations.

His draft stock will likely depend heavily on his combine. If he runs better than expected, both in 40 time and agility drills, and his medical reports (following a series of nagging injuries, a knee injury in 2015, and a broken leg in 2016) are clean, he could find his way in to the third round. If not, he could be a solid Day 3 value for the right team.

Whether or not Scarbrough is for the Giants really depends on what kind of offense they want to run. If their offense is similar to what Pat Shurmur ran in Minnesota, he probably isn’t a fit. However, if they run more of a “power” scheme, like Mike Shula ran in Carolina, Scarbrough could play a role similar to that of Brandon Jacobs under Tom Coughlin.