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2018 NFL Draft prospect profile: Tyrell Crosby (OL, Oregon)

Will Gettleman be intrigued by the big tackle from Oregon?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-North Practice Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants would absolutely like to add an “elite” talent to their offensive line, particularly at the offensive tackle position. However, barring an unforeseen cap casualty, a trade down in the draft, or a pick at second overall that would likely enrage fans, they probably won’t be adding that player to their line this year.

Instead they will likely be casting their net wide and searching down depth charts for overlooked players and prospects.

One such (slightly) overlooked prospect is Oregon’s Tyrell Crosby, a big, powerful lineman who would certainly help the Giants get back to running the ball with authority.



  • Has good size and frame for the position, as well as long arms and big hands.
  • Quick feet, which are always moving. Doesn’t appear to “lumber”
  • Powerful lower body, able to generate movement when he has leverage.
  • Hand usage improved from 2016 to 2017, and he consistently tries to establish inside position.
  • Capable run and pass blocker. Did not allow a sack in 2017.
  • Plays with “Nasty” and looks to finish with defenders on the ground.


  • Seems to have issues consistently bending at the knees.
  • Technique occasionally disappears.
  • Pad level tends to rise throughout a rep or the game.
  • Moves easily, but doesn’t appear able to get anywhere in a hurry.

Prospect video

What they’re saying

“Crosby lined up at left tackle for the Ducks. He has a nice blend of size, power and instincts. In the passing game, he lacks upper-tier quickness, but he does a nice job of staying square, shooting his hands and steering opponents. He will have some trouble with elite speed rushers, but I believe he’ll benefit from a move to the right side. I love what he brings in the run game. He consistently generates movement on down blocks and he’s a nasty finisher. He also takes good angles when working up to the second level before latching and controlling linebackers. I wish he were a little more athletic, but he has all of the skills to be a solid starting right tackle.”

-Daniel Jeremiah “Top 50 prospects

Does He Fit The Giants?

Tyrell Crosby isn’t a prospect who gets much national attention. In part, that’s because he plays for a team that is down from previous heights, but also he isn’t the type of athlete who gets people buzzing.

In fact, he might wind up being something of a polarizing player, at least among those who look at him.

On one hand, he has obvious upside. Easy feet, a big frame, long arms, and obvious power. He has many of the traits that scouts look for in starting offensive linemen.

However, he isn’t without his warts, and he only flashes his upside. Crosby is a big lineman, especially from the waist down, but he also has some “sloppy” weight. That, in and of itself, is hardly surprising or uncommon for an offensive lineman, but some of his issues might be related to weight and conditioning -- such as his tendency to lean forward rather than sit back into his stance or have his hips and pad level rise as fatigue sets in. Crosby appeared to improve his body composition from 2016 to 2017, as well as his hand usage. If so, that would be a trend he would probably want to continue.

For the New York Giants, Crosby probably isn’t a player they would want to count on to immediately fill one of of their tackle spots. However, if he happens to slip to the mid-rounds, he could be a high-upside player with the potential to develop into a starter with a bit of work.