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How are Redskins fans feeling? “Our optimism had both of its fibulae broken”

Our weekly ‘5 questions’ segment at least shows an unbroken sense of humor

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Washington Redskins fans have had a rough go in recent weeks, losing two quarterbacks and three straight games. In our weekly ‘5 questions’ segment, Ken Meringolo of SB Nation’s Hogs Haven shows that the bad times have not broken his sense of humor.

Ed: What’s the mood in the Washington fan base? Is there still optimism despite three straight losses and being down to a quarterback who has only bee there three weeks, or has everyone jumped into the Chesapeake at this point?

Ken: The mood ... is bitter. Our optimism had both of its fibulae broken, and was then butt-fumbled away. The only thing that makes it bearable is the undeniable familiarity we have with this exact feeling. Merry Christmas!!!

Ed: This is more of a statement than a question, but I feel awful for Colt McCoy. To wait that long to play again and then get hurt stinks. Do you feel as bad for the guy as I do?

Ken: Yes, I do. He even had a contract kicker that was set to kick in with the playing time he was on the verge of getting. Would have netted him as much as $4 million more in salary for 2019. The good news for him is that he is STILL the projected starter next season. Happy Kwanzaa!!!

Ed: Aside from quarterbacks, the Redskins have a gazillion or so other guys injured. Who are the most important non-quarterbacks Washington will be missing on Sunday?

Ken: Brandon Scherff, Shawn Lavao on the OL (and the top three backups), Quinton Dunbar at CB, Ryan Anderson at LB, and the possibility of Josh Doctson and Morgan Moses. Losing Trey Quinn, aka Mr. Irrelevant, actually really, really hurts. I love that guy. Happy Hanukkah!!

Ed: The Giants are in last place, yet they are favored Sunday. How do the Redskins, as depleted as they are, earn a victory?

Ken: In football? I mean, we need to turn this into a sandwich-making contest or maybe a game of Go Fish. That is our best chance for a victory. Otherwise, I think our best chance is for Jay Gruden to alternate Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson high school-style. We need to have some plays that each one can run and try to use that to our advantage. Merry Non-Denominational Holiday that you may or may not celebrate!

Ed: Who are a few players who have been bright spots for Washington as things have gone south the past few weeks?

Ken: I would say Adrian Peterson, but he just proved that if he can’t get to 100 yards on his first carry, it ain’t happening. Actually, he has been fun to watch — the Hall of Famer has given us some credibility getting off the bus. The two Alabama boys up front on defense — Jonathan Allen and Da’Ron Payne—have been fun to watch this season. We have asked a hell of a lot from them, and on at least a few Sundays, that have risen to the occasion. Tress Way, our punter, has been a real pleasure to watch, which just much. Happy New Year!! (Please get here as soon as possible!)