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Peter King: “It’s time” for Giants to find successor for Eli Manning

Columnist adds his voice to the debate

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not the New York Giants should keep Eli Manning as their quarterback next season.

Pat Shurmur appears happy to do just that. Our Mark Schofield thinks the Giants should do what they have to in order to draft Dwayne Haskins (if he declares) while re-structuring Manning’s contract and keeping him as a placeholder. We will find out on Wednesday what GM Dave Gettleman thinks.

For what it’s worth, Peter King threw in his $.02 on Monday in his “Football Morning in America” column.

His take:

Re Manning: There seems to be an assumption he’s safe for 2019. I don’t get it. I’m not saying he should be put on the street, but the Giants have continually put off upgrading at the most important position in football. Look around the league. Five-plus years after Joe Flacco was the Super Bowl MVP, the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson to challenge Flacco, and Jackson has now won the QB job and energized the franchise. The Chiefs won the AFC West two years in a row with Alex Smith, then traded him to Washington and handed the quarterback job to Patrick Mahomes; looks like a genius move. We are one month shy of the seven-year anniversary of the Giants’ last Super Bowl win, which was their last playoff victory. The Giants are 18 games below .500 since. Among the 15 quarterbacks to start at least 80 games since then, per Pro Football Reference, Manning has thrown the most interceptions, and he’s 14th in passing rating (86.1) and 14th in yards-per-attempt (7.01). Forget whose fault it is. The offense is inconsistent, averaging 22 points a game even with Beckham and Saquon Barkley playing together. The Giants, in the last seven post-Super Bowl years, have never brought in serious competition for Manning, who turns 37 Thursday. If I’m a season-ticket holder, I’m demanding to know why.

8. I think I’d go one step further: If Dwayne Haskins is there at number eight in the first round April 25, the Giants have to pick him. I don’t think he’ll be there at eight, and the Giants may need to do something rash to get him. But it’s time.

So, hey, if you agree with him maybe you can petition for King to be Giants’ GM. After all, if Mike Mayock can do it.

Anyway, just another voice added to the debate.