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Giants vs. Bears: BBV staff picks, predictions

Let’s see what BBV staff writers are predicting this week

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Can the New York Giants muster the will, not to mention the blocking and the play-calling, to penetrate the Chicago Bears’ defense and pull an upset on Sunday? Here is how your Big Blue View contributors see the game turning out.

Chris Pflum

When Dan and I were getting ready to record this week’s Big Blue Big Board podcast, he greeted me (as he always does) by asking how I’m doing. My response this time? “Depressed and disappointed...” That’s because I had just gotten done watching the tape of the second half of last week’s game for my film study.

I do believe that provided some kind of help from the offense (in the form of sustained drives and points) the Giants’ defense could do enough for the team to win this game. Not stop Chase Daniel in his tracks and win the game outright, but do enough. Unfortunately, after watching said offense get absolutely throttled by a basic coverage scheme and a personnel package that resembled the 4th quarter of a 4th preseason game... I have absolutely no confidence in the Giants’ offense.

The cynical part of me suggests that without an obvious weakness on the opposing defense to not scheme against, perhaps the Giants will cut loose on offense and actually scheme toward their own strengths. But I’m not prepared to count on that.

Final score: Bears 27, Giants 9

Season record: 5-6

Dan Pizzuta

The matchup to watch here, obviously, is the Giants offense and the Bears defense. And by watch, I mean through fingers covering your eyes. The Giants offense hasn’t been able to move the ball or attack downfield against terrible secondaries so expecting them to do anything against Chicago’s secondary that has held opposing offenses to 4.5 adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A) feels pointless. ANY/A accounts for sacks and interceptions, so the likes of Khalil Mack, Eddie Jackson, Kyle Fuller, Akiem Hicks, and Prince Amukamara are all factored in there. The Bears rank second in DVOA against the pass so if you’d think maybe the Giants can get around that by sticking with the ground game, bad news — Chicago is first in DVOA against the run.

On the other side of the ball, there’s enough misdirection and schematic openings that even with Chase Daniel the Bears should be able to handle a Giants defense that ranks 29th in yards allowed per drive and 28th in points allowed per drive. There’s not really anyone on the Giants’ roster who can cover Tarik Cohen and even last week when he was held to just 45 yards receiving, one of his seven receptions was a schemed wide-open touchdown.

The Giants have been able to hang close with some less than stellar teams over the past few weeks. The Bears are not that and this should not be close.

Final score: Bears 35, Giants 10

Season record: 8-3

Patricia Traina

I would like to believe that the Giants haven’t thrown in the towel after last week’s deflating loss to the Eagles. I mean, the Giants are still mathematically alive for a playoff berth, even though it’s a long shot.

With that said, I think they’re facing a Bears opponent that they do not match up well against at all. Yes, all the focus has been on Khalil Mack this week, but even if they somehow find a way to shut him out—a tough task given that he’s a speed rusher and left tackle Nate Solder has had issues with speed rushers this year—the Bears have plenty of other playmakers on defense.

Unlike last week when there was a bit of a static buzz in the air during the media availability, that buzz was noticeably absent this week. I’m not at all suggesting that anyone has thrown in the towel on the team, but actions do speak louder than words and I am very interested to see if the Giants come out with the same energy, they began last week’s game with.

As for who will come out on top this week, regardless of who the Bears have under center, the continued struggles by the pass rush and the run defense pretty much seal the deal for me.

Final score: Bears 24, Giants 17

Season record: 3-8

Joe DeLeone

All good things must eventually come to an end, especially my three game streak of correct picks. Time to go back to the drawing board, and this time I will not let the Giants get my hopes up.

The Bears are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Considering the Giants struggled to pick apart an Eagles secondary that was in shambles, do not expect a big offensive output this week. However, you can expect another big day for Saquon toting the rock, as long as they don’t forget about him after a half.

An imminent demise looms for this under performing team over the final few weeks of the year. Losing to Chicago will be just the beginning.

Final score: Bears 28, Giants 13

Season record: 5-6

Kevin Haswell

Now that the Giants have essentially eliminated themselves from the playoff hunt with their loss to the Eagles last week, I think the Giants wave the white flag and try to lose out to get a higher draft pick. Currently, Big Blue holds the No. 5 selection in the 2019 NFL Draft but if they lose out and finish 3-13, their chance of moving up is extremely high. Sunday’s game will be closer than people believe because of the absence of Mitchell Trubisky but I still have the Bears coming out on top.

Final score: Bears 24, Giants 14

Season record: 6-4

Mark Schofield

If there are two things working in the Giants’ favor this weekend, they are these: First, the Chicago Bears are coming off their biggest stretch of games this season. Three divisional games in 12 days which could have sank their season. Instead, they won all three. Second, they are again going to be without starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, making it the Chase Daniel show once more.

The problem for the Giants is that the Bears are driven in large part by their defense this season. Chicago gets what it can from their offense and counts on their defense to limit points and generate a few turnovers per game to get the offense some short fields. It is a recipe that has put them atop the NFC North and in position for a playoff run, and it is hard to see that recipe failing this Sunday.

Final score: Bears 24, Giants 13

Season record: 5-6

Ed Valentine

There are some who consider this a trap game for the 8-3 Bears, winners of five straight. It might be. I’m not believing the Giants can win it until I see it, though.

I want to believe the improvement we have seen on offensive (29.0 points per game the last three games), especially from the offensive line, is not a mirage. Even if it isn’t, I’m not sure the Giants are ready for what the Bears will be bringing.

Honestly, I think if the Giants can limit their mistakes of offense and play decently on defense they can keep this one competitive. If they get behind early, though, this might get ugly.

Final score: Bears 27, Giants 20

Season record: 6-5