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Giants news, 12/18: Eli Manning — “I know I can play, I can make the throws”

That doesn’t sound like a quarterback planning to retire in two weeks

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur said on Monday that he still believes quarterback Eli Manning has years of productive play left. Manning agreed, and showed some appreciation for his coach.

“Coach has had my back all year. He’s been great. He believes in me. That makes your job easier, when the coach believes in you. We know we can play better. So, it’s a start,” Manning said. “I know I can play, I can make the throws. Yesterday, I made some good throws. So, it still feels like I can run around and make plays, and do a lot of good things. There was a stretch when we were playing good football, and we just got to get back to it.”

Manning sounded like he believes the Giants are headed in the right direction.

“I think we’re doing a lot of good things. I think we have good players. I think we have a lot of the right pieces, and it’s just a matter of – when you have a lot of turnover and a lot of new guys that come on to a team, it takes a little time for everybody to kind of get on that same page, and to play well as a team,” Manning said. “I think we are close, and starting to build kind of that winning culture back here.”

Shurmur: “We’ve got a lot of work to do”

Giants coach Pat Shurmur was asked on Monday is the season was a failure because the Giants won’t reach the playoffs.

“Not making the playoffs is, we didn’t reach our goals. We didn’t do enough to compete to win the Super Bowl. So we didn’t reach our goal,” Shurmur said. “Does that mean we’re failures? No. What it means is we’ve got a lot of work to do. That’s what it means, and I want to finish this year in a way that shows that we’ve grown so that we’re at a different spot than we were a year ago to make some more of that growth that we all know needs to happen.”

Giants “hopeful” on Beckham

Even with the Giants eliminated from the playoffs they are thinking about getting Odell Beckham Jr. back on the field, not shutting him down. Shurmur said Monday the Giants are “hopeful” Beckham will be able to play Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

“We’re going to try to get him back for this Sunday,” Shurmur said. “He’s a valuable member of our team, and if he’s healthy enough to play, then we’ll get him out there.”

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