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Post-game quotebook: What the Giants were saying after loss to Titans

Giants didn’t do anything well on Sunday

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants
Derrick Henry runs for a touchdown.
Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

What were the New York Giants saying after Sunday’s 17-0 loss to the Tennessee Titans? Let’s go inside the locker room and find out.

Riley Dixon on his fake punt ...

Dixon ran 14 yards for a first down near the end of the second quarter.

“With the conditions, I caught it, bobbled it, looked up and guys were running in the other direction,” Dixon said. “By that time, guys were already running up field. I had an opportunity to get a first down, so that’s what I did.”

Saquon Barkley after being held to just 56 total yards ...

“They had a great game plan over there, give credit where credit is due. They came out and they made plays. They made more plays than we did.

“They did a lot of different things. They gave us some different looks, different movements to try to create movement up there to try to confuse us. We have to execute, that’s the moral of the story. We didn’t execute as a team, especially on the offensive side of the ball.”

Josh Mauro on the defense giving up 215 rushing yards ...

“Defense is an 11-man job. I don’t think we tackled well. We weren’t physical enough, and the results were what they were.”

Giants coach Pat Shurmur ...

“Didn’t do anything well enough to expect to win, didn’t make plays, we didn’t run the ball, we didn’t stay on the field on offense, we had penalties, so we didn’t play well enough there. I thought on defense, they ran the ball, we didn’t tackle as well as we did in the last few weeks, which extended drives for them, and they beat us. There was a turnover there that turned into points. It was a close game and we just didn’t find (the end zone), and when you don’t get in the end zone, you can’t win.”

Eli Manning on the offensive struggles ...

“It was just tough to get things going. Give credit to the Tennessee defense. They played well. They did a good job stopping the run on some early downs. The few times we actually got some things going, we had negative plays, we had penalties where we just could not sustain the drives and keep things going. They played well and we didn’t. We didn’t execute well enough or make the plays we need to make. They just outplayed us.”