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Giants news, 11/9: Landon Collins unsure of future with Giants

Safety doesn’t want franchise tag

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New Orleans Saints v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The relationship between Landon Collins and the New York Giants is, right now, a complicated one. He is probably their best defensive player, young enough in his fourth season to still be a building block. He is, also, however a free agent at the end of the season and was the subject of trade rumors before the 2018 NFL trade deadline.

The Giants are 1-7 this season and 4-20 over the past two seasons. Collins told SNY that the trade rumors were “a big eye-opener” and that “If they’re rebuilding, they can rebuild without me.”

If they want to keep Collins and can’t reach a long-term deal, the Giants could use the franchise tag on the 24-year-old two-time Pro Bowler. That’s not a scenario that would make Collins happy.

“Honestly I don’t want it,” he said. “I know what type of player I am. I’m going to bring forth hard-work, talent, play-making abilities to the game each and every week. Why would I want to play under a one-year deal? If something happens I’m not guaranteed. And even though I’m guaranteed that for a year, I’m still not guaranteed. ...

“It is what it is,” Collins said. “If they franchise tag me I have to go from there. I can’t go nowhere. There’s not much I can do.”

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