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Giants reportedly have no interest in QB Sam Bradford

That is probably good news

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals
Sam Bradford
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford, released Saturday by the Arizona Cardinals, reportedly won’t be joining the New York Giants.

There is an obvious connection between Bradford and Giants coach Pat Shurmur. Bradford has been in three places — St. Louis, Philadelphia and Minnesota — with Shurmur.

The Cardinals signed Bradford, a 31-year-old nine-year veteran, to a one-year contract that could have earned him up to $20 million. He played three games and earned more than $15 million before being replaced by rookie Josh Rosen.

At the time of that signing, the SB Nation flagship detailed how Bradford has been paid more than $100 million in his career while actually accomplishing very little.

The Giants, of course, have a quarterback question with 37-year-old Eli Manning struggling and fourth-round pick Kyle Lauletta, who has never been active for a game and was arrested on Tuesday following a traffic incident, being the only real option.

The Giants may end up with a placeholder at quarterback in 2019 rather than whoever they believe will be their long-term guy. It doesn’t, however, look like Bradford will be that guy.