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Giants at Eagles: BBV staff picks, predictions

Let’s see what BBV staff writers are predicting

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Giants
Will Saquon Barkley and his teammates be celebrating today?
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Will the New York Giants be able to go into their personal House of Horrors on Sunday and emerge with a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles? Here is how your Big Blue View contributors see the game unfolding.

Chris Pflum

The Giants are on their first winning streak since 2016, and the Eagles have dropped two in a row, losing three of the last four since beating the Giants 34-13. So, with both teams (seemingly) going in different directions, this is a game the Giants should win, right?

If you’ve been paying attention this year, there isn’t anything like a “should win” game for the Giants. This is a winnable game, however.

The Eagles’ secondary is a MASH unit, with Ronald Darby lost for the season, Jalen Mills and Sidney Jones out with injury, and all told missing their top five or six defensive backs. Suffice to say, being forced to (potentially) match back-up wide receivers on Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Corey Coleman and Saquon Barkley is less than ideal.

Oh, and linebacker Jordan Hicks suffered a calf injury last week, which makes the prospects of covering Barkley and (when the Giants finally take him out of bubble wrap in the 4th quarter) Evan Engram even more daunting.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Eagles added Golden Tate, and RB Josh Adams is rounding back into his playmaking ways from Notre Dame — But offensive linemen Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Lane Johnson have all been battling injury.

The Giants might not have a better team than Philly, but with injury being the great equalizer, that might just be the case this Sunday. The best starters in the league can’t help if they’re hurt.

Of course, that only matters if the Giants can exploit the match-ups with hurt starters and injured back-ups. They could be looking at a secondary which resembles the fourth quarter of the fourth pre-season game, but they have to attack them for it to matter. And unfortunately, attacking vulnerable secondaries has not been a concentration for the Giants’ offense.

I still can’t bring myself to express true faith in this Giants team.

Final score: Eagles 23, Giants 20

Season record: 4-6

Dan Pizzuta

There are a lot of numbers that indicate the Giants should at least have a chance in this game — and might even be the better team. By DVOA, the Giants rank 21st overall while the Eagles are 23rd. That’s not a meaningful difference and is mostly triggered by a big difference on special teams — 11th for the Giants opposed to 22nd for the Eagles.

On offense, the Giants should be able to take advantage of big plays, especially through the air. The Giants are fifth in big play rate on offense, while the Eagles are 32nd in big play rate allowed on defense. Philadelphia is down five cornerbacks, so the Giants should be able to have their way in the passing game all afternoon. But that also should have been the case against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, but the Giants didn’t take advantage of a bad secondary, kept with minimal gains on the ground, and eventually let the Buccaneers back in the game. I worry just because the Giants won the wrong lessons were taken from that strategy.

When the Eagles have the ball, the Giants need to get pressure but they haven’t been able to do that consistently. With a clean pocket this season, Carson Wentz has completed 73.5 percent of his passes for 7.9 yards per attempt. On plays when he’s hit, that drops to a 43.8 percent completion percentage and 5.9 yards per attempt.

The path to victory is there and it’s realistic on both sides of the ball, I just still don’t trust this team to get everything to click at the same time.

Final score: Eagles 30, Giants 24

Season record: 7-3

Patricia Traina

I’ve said before that I won’t pick the Giants to win a game until they give me a reason to pick them. By that I meant I needed to see consistency from all three phases of the ball, I needed to see a pulse, and I needed to see some smarter game planing.

The Giants have shown me all that and then some, specifically a newfound energy that I don’t recall seeing from this team since 2016.

I don’t necessarily think the Giants are going to grab a postseason berth as I’m not so sure they can overcome their 1-7 record from the first half of the season, but I do think the arrow is trending in the right direction.

Now with that said, people keep pointing out to me that the Giants beat two bad teams (the 49ers and the Bucs). I get that—those two teams have a combined five wins.

But those two teams also get a paycheck and are expected to go all in, and in the end, it comes down to who wants it more.

Lately, the Giants have wanted it more. And I believe they really want this one coming up against an Eagles team that has really had their number for years now.

How sweet would it look if the Giants can jump ahead of the defending Super Bowl champions in the division standings?


Given the Eagles’ injury issues in their defensive secondary; that the Giants interior offensive line is a lot better equipped (I hope ) to handle Fletcher Cox, who last time destroyed the Giants offensive line all by his lonesome; and that Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen came up with a blueprint on how to limit Carson Wentz and tight end Zach Ertz, I think the stars are aligning in the Giants favor this week.

As for me, I wanted a reason to pick the Giants in a game and they delivered. So I’m going to hold up my end of the bargain.

Final score: Giants 31, Eagles 21

Season record: 3-7

Joe DeLeone

The Giants are on winning streak, and so am I. Let’s see if the G-Men and I can both stay hot this week.

Philadelphia has fallen apart since they last dismantled the Giants on Thursday Night Football. Major injuries have hindered their Super Bowl repeat attempt. Now the Giants have the perfect chance to get back at the Eagles. This game will be a tight one, but you should expect Saquon to have his second straight 100 yard rushing day. Their offensive success is dependent on their ability to finish in the red zone, which they did an abysmal job of in their previous encounter.

The Eagles are too banged up and too inconsistent to go perfect in the season series. The Giants will squeak out a nail-biter to move to 4-7 on the season.

Final score: Giants 17, Eagles 10

Season record: 5-5

Kevin Haswell

While the Eagles and Giants are trending in opposite directions, I think both teams revert back to their respective means. I give the Eagles an edge with this game being played at Lincoln Financial Field. I know this pick is going to come back and bite me and the Giants will prove me wrong but I’m going with the Eagles in a close one, decided in the final minutes.

Final score: Eagles 24, Giants 21

Season record: 5-4

Mark Schofield

Two teams that are totally moving in different directions meet at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. With the Philadelphia Eagles seemingly entrenched in free fall mode, the timing is perfect for the Giants to keep their win streak alive while perhaps closing the window on any playoff hopes their bitter rivals might still cling to.

A week ago Drew Brees threw for 363 yards and four touchdowns against this Eagles’ secondary that has been battered by injuries. While one might not expect Eli Manning and company to duplicate such numbers, the New York offense seems to be discovering something of an identity, making this a perfect time to go up against a defense that is so beaten up by injuries wide receivers have been playing in the secondary during practice. With a chance to execute their game plan against a third-straight pass defense that is struggling, the Giants are in great position to pull out a win.

Which they’ll do.

Final score: Giants 24, Eagles 14

Season record: 5-5

Ed Valentine

During a recent episode of the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast I said that I felt like the Giants have a chance to win this one, I just can’t pick them to do it.

There are plenty of reasons to think the Giants have a chance here. They have won two in a row and averaged 32.5 points in those victories. The Eagles have lost two in a row and players are questioning each other. The Eagles’ secondary is an injury-ravaged mess. The Eagles’ defense has given up 344 rushing yards the past two weeks, and the Giants have that Saquon Barkley guy. He’s not bad.

Still, it seems like every time I think the Giants are ready to turn a corner in a big game and I pick them to win, I end up with egg on my face. I really do believe the Giants will give the Eagles a run for their money here. I really do believe there is a path for them to win the game, and wouldn’t be shocked if they pull it off.

There is just no way I am picking the Giants to win the game.

Final score: Eagles 34, Giants 30

Season record: 5-5