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Giants GM Dave Gettleman watches West Virginia QB Will Grier

Scouting top quarterbacks appears to be a priority

Oklahoma v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Dave Gettleman of the New York Giants was reportedly among a number of NFL general managers on hand Friday night to watch West Virginia quarterback Will Grier play against Oklahoma.

Grier is in the second tier of quarterbacks on Mark Schofield’s initial quarterback watch list for the 2019 NFL Draft. Schofield says:

Grier has a very unorthodox playing style, but he makes it work when he is playing well. He has a more elongated throwing motion than some might like, but he can make impressive throws to all levels of the field and is willing to challenge a defense between the hashmarks. He can make anticipation throws over the middle, in areas other QBs shy away from. His footwork can be sloppy at times, and he needs to take better care of the football when running or scrambling, although he has shown improvement in this area. He fits well with the trend toward more open, spread-base systems, but certainly needs some refinement.

Gettleman watched Grier complete 32-of-49 passes for 549 yards and four touchdowns as West Virginia lost to Oklahoma 59-56 in a game completely devoid of defense. Grier, though, also fumbled twice.

Gettleman has also watched Justin Herbert of Oregon, considered the top quarterback in the class should he declare for the draft. Herbert suffered a shoulder injury Friday night against Oregon State.