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Big Blue View Podcasts are expanding! Be sure to check ‘em out!

We’re up to four shows per week!

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Big Blue View Radio is growing!

If you are a podcast fan and didn’t know, Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum have been doing two shows per week for the past several weeks, a Big Blue ReView and PreView of the games each week.

They will continue to do the Big Blue ReView throughout the remainder of the season. Going forward, their second show is now going to be an NFL Draft-centric show. I’m excited about that one, and you should be, too, because if you have been here at BBV for a while you know focusing on the draft plays into their strengths.

The growth is going to come from yours truly. After a successful run co-hosting ‘Locked on Giants’ with Patricia Traina, I will be moving to Big Blue View Radio to host my own show beginning next week.

The plan right now is for ‘Valentine’s Views on Big Blue View Radio’ to air twice weekly. If you have listened to Pat and I on ‘Locked on Giants’ I hope you will come over and give the new show a chance.

This one will be a mix of my opinion, of course, along with chats with as many guests as I can line up, interview clips and updates on the latest news involving your Giants.

You can find and subscribe to the show on its home page. You can also find the shows on our Big Blue View Radio Hub Page.

You can also find us on all your favorite podcast apps:

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Finally, be sure to check out the home page for all of the shows across the expanding Vox Media Podcast Network.