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Lil Wayne uses Instagram to offer his take on the OBJ ESPN interview

Oh great, here comes more from the OBJ situation

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Seven Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This past Sunday, ESPN lit the sports world on fire with a controversial interview centered around Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham was questioned by Josina Anderson about his current situation with the Giants, leading to some concerning responses. The most mind boggling aspect of the interview was rapper Lil Wayne sitting next to Beckham, not offering any real substance to the situation. Many people were quick to point out Lil Wayne’s presence. Tuesday, the rapper clapped back by posting a series of videos on Instagram.

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Good morning!!

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Lil Wayne talks about the comments swirling around the interview, particularly made by The Athletic’s and ESPN’s Frank Isola and Eli Manning. According to Lil Wayne in the video, Isola stated there was no point of him being in the interview.

Lil Wayne’s statements were made while he is smoking what appears to be a blunt in his hand.

These series of videos added another level to the controversy that many hoped would subside after Sunday. The Giants showed a sense of humor by playing Lil Wayne’s music at start of Tuesday’s practice.