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Odell Beckham: “Finding that balance” key for Giants’ offense

Star wide receiver opines on early-season struggles

New Orleans Saints v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With a healthy Odell Beckham Jr., a spectacular back like No. 2 overall pick Saquon Barkley, a rebuilt offensive line, a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and coach with a reputation for building quality offenses the New York Giants were expected to feature an explosive, high-scoring attack in 2018.

At 1-3, averaging just 18.25 points per game and having failed to reach the 20-point mark in all of their losses that has yet to come to fruition.

Beckham, without a touchdown catch and averaging a career-worst 10.7 yards per catch, thinks he knows why.

“It’s really about finding the balance. I think that might be the answer. We just haven’t found that balance,” Beckham said. “We haven’t found a way to get up and down the field, move it here, move it there, throw it, run it, reverse it, whatever it is. We just haven’t found that balance.”

Because I can, that means were taking a break for this:

Can the Giants find that balance?

We have been discussing all week the things the Giants need to do better in order to find that balance. They include:

  • Making sure they don’t forget to hand the ball to Barkley often enough to make defenses respect the Giants’ running game.
  • Protecting Eli Manning and avoiding costly penalties and negative plays.
  • Getting more big plays, specifically involving Beckham, from the passing game,

Downfield opportunities

Beckham gave what amounts to a non-answer as to whether or not he thinks there have been chances to get the ball down the field.

“They’re there, they’re not there, it’s just a matter of doing it. There’s only so much – they’re there, they’re not there. I don’t know how to answer that. There’s opportunities, there’s not opportunities. It’s just about taking advantage of the opportunities that are there.

The word “frustration” keeps being tosses around

“Frustration, I don’t know if that’s the right word. It’s just a matter of when it’s going to click. Like I said, we missed the first quarter of the season, we can’t have it back, but there’s still another three quarters. It’s about making the most of those. At any point in time, you could win seven games in a row, then you’re sitting at what? 8-3. I always say this, you could’ve won the first eight and lost the first eight. It’s just about when you catch fire. But there does need to be a sense of urgency to play better, do better, execute, win games, but there’s definitely not a panic in my mind, in my body, soul, my heart. I’m not panicking.

“I always hear the word frustrated. I’m sorry, it’s funny. Yeah, there is a lot of attention that goes on me, there’s times I’ve been in that red zone and I watch the nickel who’s over me covering me, the linebacker drop out to my side, the safety be over the top. There’s a lot of attention that goes there, so I joked with everybody in here, I was like, you know that I’m coming back off the ankle surgery, I’m thinking maybe I’ll get a chance, you have to prove yourself, and it’s like they just jumped right back into what they were doing last year, doubling up and doing those things. We just have to find ways to get around that.”

Eli Manning can handle criticism

The quarterback is under fire as the offense continues to be stuck in neutral, but Beckham isn’t worried about that.

“I feel like he’s fully capable of handling whatever comes his way. He’s been doing this for a long time, so I don’t think there’s anything guys could say that is going to bother him.”

He’s a Saquon Barkley fan

Beckham enjoys what Barkley does so much that he sometimes forgets to do his job while watching the rookie running do Barkley Things with the ball in his hands.

“What he can do is unreal. So whenever he gets the ball in his hands, I’m supposed to turn into a blocker but I turn into a spectator. I sit there and I’m watching him because it’s like a mirror image, I’m watching him break tackles and this and that, and I’m like ‘oh I’ve got to pick somebody up on a block.’ We trust fully what he can do and just putting the ball in his hands and letting him make plays. I know it’s early to say it, but in my opinion, he’s going to be one of the best in the league.”