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Giants news, 10/27: Analytics, Alec Ogletree’s absence, more

Let’s see what’s happening this morning

Cleveland Browns v New York Giants
Alec Ogletree
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let’s get right to your Saturday morning headlines.

Shurmur: Analytics part of changing game

In various ways, coach Pat Shurmur is still being asked about his Monday night decision to go for a two-point conversion with the Giants trailing by eight. Friday, the question was phrased in regards to the growing popularity of analytics.

“It’s not popularity. At one point, we all thought the world was flat, and then you learn. At one point, nobody would allow the players to drink water – we’ve talked about water, right?,” Shurmur said. “In the old days, hydration wasn’t an issue, or it wasn’t a concern. Same thing, as we go forward, there’s new things added to our game. Analytics is certainly part of that, intuition is the other.”


“The thing I’ve been the most happy about is he has been as a player almost everything that we have seen on tape. I had heard through rumor the person that he is, but the leadership skills that he has, he does a good job of bringing energy to the team. That’s stuff you can’t see on tape, and I think that’s been a very pleasant surprise for us. I’m not surprised, that’s part of his character.” — Running backs coach Craig Johnson on Saquon Barkley

Nate Solder: Criticism comes with the job

Offensive tackle Nate Solder was asked Friday about criticism of the offensive line.

“There’s always going to be criticism. If you win every single game, there’s going to be criticism. If you lose every single game, there’s going to be criticism,” he said. “There’s some good, there’s some bad. You improve on the bad, and you keep doing what’s good, and you move forward.”

Bettcher: Alec Ogletree a “special player”

Linebacker Alec Ogletree won’t play Sunday due to a hamstring injury. Here’s defensive coordinator James Bettcher on Ogletree’s importance to the Giants:

“Special player, great character, unbelievable work ethic,” Bettcher said. “We are fortunate Tree is here and Tree is going to be one of the biggest reasons that we get things turned around and going in the direction we all want to go in. Tireless worker in terms of watching film. One of the best individual leaders I’ve ever been around, and just love working with him.”

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