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Best Super Bowl meal

What’s yours?

On Location Experiences' Super Bowl LI Pre-Game Events at NRG Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for On Location Experiences

I must be un-American.

I don’t do Super Bowl parties. Well, I did one time and didn’t enjoy it. I much prefer to sit home and actually watch the game. Of course, my wife thinks that’s because I don’t like people to begin with. Maybe she’s right.

Anyway, I’m also not one of those people who makes a big fuss about Super Bowl food. Feed me something I will eat at meal time and I’m good to go.

So, our good friends at SB Nation have been asking us to put together a series of sponsored posts on various topics regarding the Super Bowl. The final one is “what is the best Super Bowl meal?”

Obviously, I’m at a loss here. It would be easy to say “wings.” I mean, shoot, I’m always good with a plate of wings — even though I can hear that little voice in my head that says “watch your cholesterol, big guy.”

Whatever. I don’t have a go-to or a favorite for this situation.

So, the floor is yours. If you have a special meal or even a place you go to east on Super Bowl Sunday let us know what it is.