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QB Josh Allen hoping to be drafted by the “right team”

Says he is working to erase questions about his accuracy

Wyoming v UNLV
Josh Allen
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Josh Allen knows that a 56.2 percent completion rate, which is what he compiled during his career as the quarterback at Wyoming, leaves NFL scouts with questions regarding why the rocket-armed passer did not complete more throws the past two seasons.

“I’m way more accurate than that shows,” Allen said Monday at the Senior Bowl, revealing that he has been working with former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer.

“That’s what I’m cleaning up this offseason. I’m going to show everybody come practice time that I’ve been working on that. They key to my accuracy is making sure my feet are set right and try to have a more polished throwing motion, more polished stroke. When my feet are right my hips are allowed to open a little better, that’s kind of where your accuracy comes from. Getting out there in front of all the scouts and GMs in practice is going to show that.”

Allen could be in play for the New York Giants with the No. 2 overall pick.

“It’s not about getting drafted high for me. It’s about getting drafted to the right team,” he said on Tuesday.

If the Giants were to select him, Allen already knows Eli Manning from time spent last summer at the Manning Passing Academy.

“Archie, Peyton, Eli and Cooper are one of the greatest families -- not just football families -- but just great just families that you could ever meet,” Allen said. “They’re extremely special people. They’re super down to earth and they care a lot about football. Obviously getting able to talk to Peyton and Eli and taking what they had to say about what they did leading up [to games] and stuff like that, how they watch film, what they watched on certain days, their routine from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, it was just really cool to try to emulate that because Eli and Peyton have had really successful careers. And as any quarterback wants a successful career, there’s a certain path to follow and they’ve set the path.”

The Giants, according to reports, have told Manning they want him to be their quarterback in 2018 whether or not they draft a potential heir apparent.

“Whether I come into an organization and play right away or sit for a year I’m going to learn as much as possible so that when I do get on that field I’m going to do everything possible to help put that team in position to win football games,” Allen said.

Could he be trying to win them for the Giants someday soon?