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What is the best Super Bowl moment in Giants’ history?

Can anything top the Tyree catch?

New York Giants' wide receiver David Tyree pins the ball to Photo by Corey Sipkin/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

What is the best Super Bowl moment in New York Giants franchise history? As part of network-wide Super Bowl coverage, our friends at SB Nation have asked us to answer that question.

With four Super Bowl titles to their credit, the Giants have given their fans many thrills and multiple ways to answer that question.

  • The David Tyree helmet catch
  • Wide right
  • Phil Simms record-setting performance the Denver Broncos
  • Beating the Tom-Brady-Bill Belichick New England Patriots twice. That isn’t a singular moment, but it is a singular accomplishment. No else has done it once.

Stroll down memory lane and let us know your best Super Bowl moment. I know that watching the Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles play in the 2018 Super Bowl is not going to qualify.