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2018 NFL Draft prospect profile: Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia

Wynn is under-sized, but shouldn’t be under-valued

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When scouting for the NFL Draft, it’s easy to be distracted by the physical freaks. It’s hard not to have your eyes drawn to players who seem to push the limits of what is humanly possible.

But in doing so you might just be ignoring some very good football players.

Isaiah Wynn of Georgia is one of those guys who has been consistently overlooked. He is too short to stay at left tackle in the NFL, doesn’t look like a freakish athlete, and doesn’t have a reputation as a mauling road grader.

But that doesn’t stop him from being a good offensive lineman, something the New York Giants could certainly use more of.



  • Excellent feet. Light, agile, and athletic. Easily able to mirror and move in space without ever appearing to “get stuck in the mud.”
  • Plays with a wide base, natural knee bend. Pad level is never a problem with his natural leverage.
  • Good, active hands.
  • Versatile. Played left guard and left tackle for Georgia, effective in both man and zone blocking schemes.
  • High football character. Elected a permanent team captain.
  • High motor, always seems to be looking for work.
  • Durable. Started 23 straight games between sophomore and junior seasons.


  • Short at 6’2.” Will be limited to playing the interior in the NFL.
  • Easily gets to the second level, but doesn’t routinely bury defenders. Would like to see him play with more “thud” against smaller players.
  • Ability to add strength and mass might be a question.
  • Can stand up a defender and create seams, but doesn’t routinely create movement on power runs.

Prospect video

What they’re saying

Isaiah Wynn was graded as a lowly street free agent by scouts entering the season despite long-term success as a starter on the Georgia offensive line. After a brilliant senior campaign, Wynn now grades as a potential second-day pick. We grade Wynn at guard, not the left tackle position he played for the Bulldogs in 2017.

Should he line up the on the blind side during practice and do a good job, Wynn’s stock will soar.

- Tony Pauline (

Final thoughts

Wynn isn’t a physically imposing mauler of a lineman, but there is a lot to like in his game. His movement is absolutely effortless -- easily letting him get into position to make blocks while his leverage and wide base let him match up against much bigger defenders and stonewall them.

Some teams with more rigid thresholds will overlook Wynn simply because of his height, but those teams are missing out in my opinion.

Wynn might be limited to playing guard (likely left guard in most offensive schemes) and center in the NFL, but his feet and leverage give him the tools to be a very good one. Guards that enter the NFL with his movement skills while also being able to set a wide base to absorb bull rushes aren’t common. That same agility and athleticism could also translate to center, where 6’2,” 302 isn’t uncommonly small.

Dave Gettleman has said that improving the offensive line is a top priority for the Giants. If Pat Shurmur brings the outside zone running scheme (which has formed the basis for his offenses in the past), Wynn would be an excellent fit.