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Mel Kiper: Giants have several mid- to late-round options to help offensive line

Where can the Giants find some “hog mollies?”

San Diego State v Nevada
Austin Corbett (73)
Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Mel Kiper Jr. gave the New York Giants UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen in his first mock draft of 2018. Chris gave you his thoughts on that. We have already looked at the top quarterbacks and given you our favorites as of now, and we know that debate will continue to rage. Probably, in fact, long after the draft is held.

Quarterback, though, is only one consideration for the Giants. New GM Dave Gettleman made it clear in his introductory press conference that fixing the offensive line was a priority, and that you don’t always have to spend big money or use your highest draft picks to do it.

For a refresher, here is what Gettleman said:

“Big men allow you to compete. That’s really just so true. I believe in the Hog Mollies, and we’re going to get back to that ... “We gotta fix the oline let’s be honest, let’s not kid each other. Big men allow you to compete, and that’s what we’ve gotta fix.”

If the Giants select a quarterback in Round 1 — be it Rosen, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield — they will almost certainly be looking for offensive line help in the middle to late rounds of the draft.

Will they be able to find it?

Kiper mentioned several players as possibilities. Here are seven:

Austin Corbett (Nevada)

“A guy that I think has the versatility to be a center-guard and be a highly-rated player is Austin Corbett. Now if you want Austin Corbett you’re going to have to take him in the second or third round,” Kiper said.

Corbett is a 6-foot-4, 305-pound player who was a tackle at Nevada. NFL Draft Scout has him as the fifth-ranked guard in the class with a second- or third-round grade. It says “A position switch is always a bit of a risk but Corbett’s smooth athleticism, competitive nature, and durability suggest that this Nevada gamble could hit big.”

Desmond Harrison (OT, West Georgia)

Kiper calls Harrison a “really interesting” tackle prospect. Draft Scout has him graded as a Day 3 selection.

Desmond Harrison (OT, West Georgia)

Kiper calls Harrison a “really interesting” tackle prospect. Draft Scout has him graded as a Day 3 selection.

Tyrell Crosby (OT, Oregon)

Draft Scout projects Crosby as a second-round pick and says “Crosby may not be well known outside of the Pac-12 but offensive line enthusiasts will appreciate his intimidating girth and power in the running game, where he often simply rag-dolled opponents. Given his success on the left tackle, Crosby deserves an opportunity to remain on the blindside, though his bulk and physicality suggest that a move back to right tackle or even inside at guard could be in the forecast.”

Isaiah Wynn (G, Georgia)

Draft Scout has Wynn as the fourth-ranked guard with a Day 2 grade.

Sam Jones (G, Arizona State)

Kiper brought up Jones as a Day 3 possibility. Draft Scout has him graded as an undrafted free agent.

Mason Cole (OL, Michigan)

Cole played center and left tackle for the Wolverines. Kiper mentioned him as a fourth- or fifth-round possibility who could fit at multiple positions. Draft Scout has Cole listed as the No. 4 center in the draft class. Draft Scout says “Scouts can check a lot of boxes with Cole, whose square frame, nasty playing temperament, and ability to play multiple positions should land him a Day 2 selection. Given his lack of ideal length and at least initial issues with leverage during his one season at center, don’t be surprised if he ultimately is asked to move yet again in the NFL - this time to guard. Regardless of his final landing spot, Cole looks like a safe bet to be among his club’s five best linemen and continuing his streak of starts well into what should be a long NFL career.”

Sean Welch (G, Iowa)

Kiper said, “They’ve (Iowa) got a great history at Iowa for supplying the NFL with some competent linemen.”