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New York Giants news, 1/13: Coaching search, NFL Draft, more

Checking the headlines for today

NFL: DEC 22 Giants at Eagles Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let’s check your headlines for today.

Giants’ hiring plan of attack going into playoff weekend | New York Post
This is a tricky time for the Giants. They can look but they cannot touch when it comes to reaching out for their next head coach. And so, the Giants are fans...

Matt Patricia appears a clear favorite in Giants' coaching search - New York Giants Blog- ESPN
The Giants are said to be impressed by the Patriots defensive coordinator's smarts and view him as the ultimate Bill Belichick protege.

Pat Shurmur: Vikings' OC Made It Work With Case Keenum |
Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmer built an offense for Sam Bradford. But when Bradford's surgically repaired knee flared up, Shurmur had to adjust on the fly for Case Keenum—and it's worked out pretty well for both quarterback and offensive coordinator.

Matt Patricia would be better off choosing the Detroit Lions over the New York Giants
A burly, 43-year-old former small-college football player, who sports a big, bushy beard on his face, a backward hat on his head and a No. 2 pencil in his ear, appears to be the linchpin of the NFL coaching carrousel, the belle of the ball who controls the fates of multiple franchises. Oh, yeah, and

ESPN’s Todd McShay Weighs in on The National Title Game & More – 1/9/18 | The Rich Eisen Show

Scouting Notebook: Who Are the Biggest Early 2018 NFL Draft Sleepers? | Bleacher Report
After a two-week absence and brief hospital stay (not recommended), I'm back. And this week's Scouting Notebook will get you caught up on all things NFL draft...

The 2018 NFL Draft's Answer to Every Team's Biggest Problem | Bleacher Report
Instead, Gettleman must find a talented blocker to take over the blind side. At 6'8" and 345 pounds, Orlando Brown is a massive human being. He has the potential to be a first-round pick and the top offensive tackle, yet his lateral agility is suspect. Even so, the unanimous All-American uses his size and length to his advantage even if he's not the most flexible or nimble blocker. He'd be a no-brainer selection if he fell to New York's second-round pick .

Daniel Jeremiah breaks down Giants' top draft options

“For me, it really comes down to Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold,” Jeremiah said. “I lean right now more toward Darnold than I do to Rosen. A couple things: number one, I’ve seen Darnold do things that Rosen can’t do in terms of getting out of some trouble. When you watch him, I don’t know if people understand, this USC offensive line was terrible. I was at that Cotton Bowl [where USC played Ohio State]. He got hit repeatedly each and every play. And you go back and watch the cut-ups of third-and-six-plus throws, I saw a lot more pressure on Darnold than I did on Rosen, and Darnold can get away from some of that. He can survive and get outside of that.

“He can make every throw. The turnovers, you’ve got to sort through that. Rosen, if you just want a pure passer where they are right now, step in day one, Rosen is ahead. But his kind of inability to create once you get a free rusher, which you’re going to see each and every Sunday, that to me is my hang-up there with Rosen.”

While Jeremiah thinks Darnold can evolve into the pure passer that Rosen is right now, the fumble issue comes up in the evaluation process. But if you look deeper into the film as opposed to the box score, the problem is not as glaring.

“There are some coachable things on there,” Jeremiah said. “His off-hand comes off the ball a lot inside the pocket. You can coach that. You can get better there. And I think some people look at the raw number of fumbles. When I sort it … some of them are on a mesh on a zone read. Is it the running back? Is it the quarterback? One of them was on a lateral back – it’s a swing pass to [USC running back] Ronald Jones, he drops the ball, he doesn’t fall on it, that goes in Sam Darnold’s turnover category. So I think he can clean up the things he needs to clean up.”

Film Room: Handing out quarterback superlatives for college football in 2017
The college football season is finished. The title has been won and the hardware has been handed out. But that doesn't mean it's too late to highlight the