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Was Bruce Arians “just messin” with Giants’ fans about Nick Saban?

Let’s put that to bed, perhaps along with Arians’ journalism career

CFP National Championship presented by AT&T - Winning Press Conference Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Bruce Arians might have been “just messin’” with the fans about those Nick Saban to the New York Giants rumors.

“After a few vodkas Arians said he was just messin [with] the world about #nickSaban to the @nygiants,” Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer said on Instagram Wednesday, attached to a picture of himself, Arians and recently fired Bears coach John Fox at a bar.

“Now,hmmm was that the Vodka talking? Bruce talking? Orrrr… a combo of the two.”

That’s not nice, Bruce! I guess we should have known not to put much credence into anything that came from an interview conducted by Colin Cowherd.

— “Kudos” to the New York Post for the original report.