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Giants At Cowboys, Week 1: Picks, Predictions From Around The Web

Majority favor Dallas on Sunday night

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NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are 4-point underdogs Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys. BBV’s Jesse Bartolis has predicted an upset win for Big Blue. Let’ see what experts from around the Inter-Google think.

SB Nation Panel — Six of nine panelists chose the Cowboys.

Pro Football Focus Panel — Five of eight panelists chose the Cowboys. (Harrison) — Cowboys 23, Giants 20

This time, Terrance Williams finds his way to the sidelines. This time, Dan Bailey hits the game winner. As stated 485 times this offseason, the Giants swept the Cowboys last season. Well, the Week 1 win at Dallas was Dak Prescott's first game. Ezekiel Elliott's, too. We now know that the latter will play, which is key in a game that could ultimately tilt the NFC East. What occurred in these two teams' second matchup from last year -- Janoris Jenkins stifling Dez Bryant -- could be the deciding factor this Sunday. Dallas' dynamic wide receiver must produce, because even if Big Blue's air game hasn't reached its heights, Eli Manning should find plenty of large windows to throw into against a young secondary with even larger room for growth. The Perkins/Gallman run game? Ehh.

Pro Football Talk

Florio — Giants, 24, Cowboys 20
MDS — Cowboys 30, Giants 20

Sporting News (Iyer) — Giants 24, Cowboys 20

Even with Ezekiel Elliott in there to help Dak Prescott, this is a daunting defense for the Cowboys, as the Giants swept the season series as NFC East runners-up in 2016. This time, Eli Manning has Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram added to his receiving mix to exploit the Cowboys' downgrades in the secondary. Dak will have a solid sophomore start, but streaky Eli starts hotter with the right matchup.

USA Today Panel — Four of five panelists chose the Cowboys.

ESPN Panel — Six of 10 panelists chose the Cowboys.

CBS Sports Panel — The eight panelists split evenly, 4-4.

NOTE: Predictions from Big Blue View staff contributors will be posted Sunday morning.