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Giants at Cowboys: Dak Prescott “Motivated” After Last Season’s Losses

Dallas QB talks about Sunday night matchup

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants swept the Dallas Cowboys last season, and the Cowboys remember. Both losses added a little more to this matchup, especially some motivation on Das Prescott’s end.

“I think this game adds motivation in general,” Prescott said. “I mean, yeah, definitely not beating them adds motivation, it being game one to start a new 2017 season, you want it to come out the right way. That plays a big part in it.”

The Cowboys finished the season 13-3 last year, winning the NFC East. There has been a pattern in the past with teams that have very successful seasons, struggling the following year. That hasn’t bothered Prescott, who is focused on taking one game at a time and bringing Dallas another division title.

“I think, first, is that we don’t necessarily look at those stats or worry about those things,” Prescott said. “We’re a team that comes in focused each and every day. We’re worried about whatever’s at task. We’ve done a great job, led by our veterans and then just all these guys having the right attitude and coming in and just getting better. Some days – we practiced well today, first day of Week 1, and had a great training camp. So as long as we just stay focused and take it one game at a time, we’ll be fine.”

The Giants did a terrific job limiting Dez Bryant last season, holding the star receiver to two catches in two games. Janoris Jenkins was the primary corner covering Bryant in those game. Prescott said that being shut down by Jenkins last season has stuck with Bryant this offseason.

“Yeah, I know it does,” Jenkins said. “Dez is a passionate guy. I know it’s definitely motivated him coming into this game. He’s excited for it, he’s ready for his matchup. I’m sure [Giants cornerback] Janoris [Jenkins] is the same way.”

During the offseason, Giants star safety Landon Collins said that the Cowboys would not win the division this season. Prescott responded to that notion during Wednesday’s conference call with New York media.

“I didn’t go back and forth with him at all, I guess he made a comment about what I said,” Prescott said. “So, I’m not really sure what he said, I didn’t really keep up with it for the most part. But, I’m sure he’s got confidence in himself and his defense and I hope he does. Being in the NFL, that’s part of it, you have to have confidence in yourself and in your teammates and you have to give those guys confidence. I think anybody in this league would be crazy if they didn’t think they were going to win or think they gave themselves a chance to win. So, when I was asked a question, that’s what I said. I’m just imagining that Landon said the same thing.”

The Giants and Cowboys face off on Sunday Night Football Sunday at 8.