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Odell Beckham Jr. Still Not Practicing

Star wide receiver stays on bike during practice

Odell Beckham Jr., still nursing an ankle injury from the second preseason game, did not practice Monday as the New York Giants held a short workout to begin preparations for the season opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Ben McAdoo offered little clarification on Beckham’s status for Sunday.

"He's working with the training staff, getting treatment. We'll see how he responds. He did some work today and we'll see how he responds tomorrow morning,” McAdoo said.

Reporters at practice saw Beckham ride a stationary bike. McAdoo wouldn’t say whether Beckham has tried to run on his injured ankle.

"He's doing everything that they ask in the training room and if he's ready to go on Sunday we'll play him. If he's not, we won't,” he said. "If he's clean to play medically we'play him. If he's not we won't."

Perhaps we will learn more when the Giants return to the field on Wednesday for a longer practice.