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Big Blue View Mailbag: Talking About Offense ... And Hot Seats

Let’ see what questions we have this week

What questions are in the Big Blue View Mailbag this week? Let’s open it up and take a look.

Edwin Gommers asks: Following David Carr's analysis on the NFL Network, why doesn't McAdoo adjust his formations, requiring HB/FB to chip the defenders before going out in the flat to support our Tackles who have been struggling for a while now, Flowers in particular. There have been other teams in the NFL with inexperienced Ts and their coach immediately changes the formations to support them. However, McAdoo has done nothing of that. Most of the time, our RB is lined up on the other side of Manning (right side instead of left side).

Ed says: Did you happen to notice how quickly the Giants were throwing the ball on Sunday? It was less than two seconds, faster than any team in the NFL. THAT was their adjustment. Geoff Schwartz, who played for McAdoo, recently explained the McAdoo offensive philosophy during an appearance on my podcast. That’s exactly what we saw on Sunday.

Marcus Hawran asks: With the State of the Oline why not make a run at Duane Brown-LT Texans as he is a hold out. Also Mangold is out there, bring him in to possibly play RG.

Ed says: Marcus, neither of those things is likely to happen. The Texans are a team that believes they can contend, and they aren’t going to trade him. He is too important to them in the long run. Brown will eventually have to return to make some money this season —- and he will do just that. Mangold isn’t playing for anyone unless he walks in the door as the starting center. From what I know, he has zero interest in playing guard for anyone. That is something he has never done.

Mike Duca asks: Why does Jerry continue to start over Fluker or Jones?

Ed says: Simple — the Giants think he is better. Fans can disagree all they want, but that’s the plain truth. Jerry has not been the problem for the Giants this year. He is what he has always been — a good enough pass blocker but a less than average run blocker.

Jorge Passapera asks: If the Giants go to 0-4 or 0-5 can you see McAdoo and Reese being on the hot seat?

Ed says: Jorge, you don’t decide that after four or five games. Maybe fans do, but organizations don’t. Wait and see how the entire season plays out, then we can have that discussion. Let’s not forget, the Giants went to the playoffs last year and both guys get a little bit of rope from that. Besides, the Giants haven’t fired a general manager since the 1970s. I doubt they are firing one after this season. In terms of McAdoo, unless the wheels come all the way off and it’s apparent he has lost this team — which is not currently the case — last year probably buys him time.

Ed says: I’m not sure about Orleans Darkwa (back) at this point, but is sounds like the Giants expect Shane Vereen (calf) to play. Wayne Gallman might be active, but if Vereen is good to go he and Paul Perkins will almost certainly get most — if not all — of the snaps.

Ed says: I thought the quick passing game worked very well. Eli Manning completed 35-of-47 passes for 366 yards while getting the ball out in under two seconds, thus protecting the offensive line that is supposed to be protecting him. The difficulty is that isn’t all you can have. The Giants need to build off that, do what they have to in order to get some semblance of a running game going and find some ability to hit more passes in the intermediate range to keep defenses from sitting on the quick stuff like the Eagles did on the slant to Odell Beckham Jr. that was intercepted last week.