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NFL Power Rankings 2017, Week 4: SB Nation Thinks Giants Are Worst Team In NFL

Let’s see what NFL analysts think of the Giants sit at 0-3

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NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants fell to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, 27-24. New York is now 0-3, with an extremely long road to make the postseason. With the NFL Power Rankings coming out on various platforms this morning, let’s see where the Giants fall.

We went through 10 different site’s power rankings and the Giants came out at No. 26 when you aggregate the various lists. They are as high as No. 22 on Bleacher Report and as low at No. 32 on SB Nation. Here is an aggregation of all of the rankings and the explanations.

SB Nation (No. 32)

Yahoo (No. 26)

The scoring outburst in the fourth quarter provides some hope for the offense. It doesn’t really matter now that they’re 0-3, but maybe they’ll be more competitive from here on out. (No. 21)

Last Week’s Rank: 18

Points in MMQB Power Poll: 175

Highest-Place Vote: Seventh

Lowest-Place Vote: 30th

Last Week’s Result: Loss at Philadelphia, 27-24

Week 4 Opponent: at Tampa Bay (No. 25)

The chances of making the playoffs at 0-3? Less than 5 percent. Does falling to 0-3 mean the Giants' season is over? No. What it does say is that New York can't wait for an offensive explosion by a fully healthy Odell Beckham Jr. to save its campaign. It's getting more difficult to ignore Eli Manning's interceptions, with two more tacked on this week. The defense played viably -- when it was tackling, anyway. And Paul Perkins can't be running up the backs of his linemen. Heck, that's a lot of stuff to correct. So, of course, the Giants will win this week.

Bleacher Report/Simms (No. 22)

Let's get one thing out of the way: The Giants' offensive line wasn't the reason the team lost. Could it have been better? Certainly. However, I'll stick by my belief that the Giants have one of the least creative offenses in the NFL.

That's why the Giants lost.

There's too much pressure on the Giants defense. It's still a special unit, but there are times where the New York offense is incapable of doing anything. The Giants don't do themselves any favors by not running the ball. They had just 49 yards on the ground against Philadelphia.

On the bright side, it was great to see Odell Beckham Jr. looking like himself. His second touchdown was jaw-dropping. Sterling Shepard is getting involved more, and the passing offense looked better than it did over the first two weeks.

However, the team still asks too much of its defense. We saw that defense wear down and give up some big runs, which was surprising.

The Giants have a lot of talent, but they're struggling to put everything together. This isn't a team that can win when Eli Manning commits multiple turnovers.

USA Today (No. 29)

After scoring 13 points in season's first 11 quarters, they exploded for 24 during final period at Philly. Wasn't enough. They're already done. (No. 23)

The 2017 Giants have become a nightmare, with the Week 3 meltdown in Philadelphia the possible final straw. Can they rally to make this a season?

ESPN (No. 28)

2017 record: 0-3

Week 3 ranking: No. 19

Eli Manning: 42.6 Total QBR. He might be completing 74 percent of his passes this season, but Manning's Total QBR ranks 25th in the NFL. He seemed to right the ship in the fourth quarter on Sunday with three touchdowns, so we'll see if he can carry that momentum into Tampa this week.