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Fan Confidence Poll: Place The Blame For Giants’ 0-3 Start

Where are you putting the blame, or turning your anger?

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, our weekly “Fan Confidence Poll” asks whether or not you believe the New York Giants are ultimately going to make the playoffs. Let’s skip that question this week. The results of a poll asking that question — when no team has pulled off that feat since 1998 — are pretty obvious.

So, let’s ask a different question. Who bears the most responsibility for the 0-3 start?

  • Is it coach Ben McAdoo? There are certainly valid arguments to be made that he bears at least some of the culpability. If the Giants don’t look prepared, and at times, they haven’t, that’s on the head coach. He is also the play-caller. In-game management is also his responsibility.
  • Is it GM Jerry Reese? He is the architect of the roster. Ultimately, its flaws — most notably the offensive line woes — land at his feet. He built this team. If it’s not good enough, at least part of the blame is his.
  • Is it the players themselves? Coaches can only do so much. They can’t tackle for players. They can’t block. They can’t prevent critical drops. They can’t prevent players from shanking punts or banging into each other and failing to make critical defensive plays. They can’t throw the passes.

Vote in the poll and let us know where you place the majority of the blame for the Giants’ poor start.


Who should get the most blame for the Giants’ 0-3 start?

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  • 9%
    The players
    (338 votes)
  • 52%
    Coach Ben McAdoo
    (1951 votes)
  • 37%
    GM Jerry Reese
    (1395 votes)
3684 votes total Vote Now