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Ben McAdoo: “I Need A Better Call” On Fourth-And-1

Coach “would like to have that call back”

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Orleans Darkwa is swarmed by the PHildelphia defense on a fourth-and-1 try.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

That was New York Giants’ coach Ben McAdoo on Monday, acknowledging that the 4th-and-inches goal line handoff to Orleans Darkwa at the end of Sunday’s first half never had a chance. The Philadelphia Eagles stuffed Darkwa at the 2-yard line, a play that loomed large in Sunday’s 27-24 loss by the Giants.

The Giants were in ‘12’ personnel with two tight ends and two wide receivers. The Eagles were in a goal line defense. Thus, even with two tight ends the Eagles had a heavier defensive package than the Giants had an offensive one.

“They were all hunkered down in there, whether you had a fullback on the field or not. It was going to be tough sledding. Like I said, I would like to have that call back,” McAdoo said. “We did have some opportunities for one-on-ones on the outside. I take responsibility for that call.”

The Giants, of course, had two play from what was basically an inch away and failed to score.

What would you have done differently in that situation, Giants fans?