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Jonathan Casillas: “I Stand For Our Beliefs ... As Americans”

Defensive captain discusses protests

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Jonathan Casillas was not one of the New York Giants who knelt on Sunday during the National Anthem. He is, however, the team’s defensive captain and an incredibly well-spoken, thoughtful man. He proved that again Sunday afternoon in discussing the protests, the divisive comments by President Donald Trump and the reason Colin Kaepernick is no longer employed in the NFL.

Here is what Casillas said. I’m giving it to you without comment. I know it was discussed already, but it’s important and Casillas’ comments are worth reading:

“I’m not a fan of his (Trump’s). I don’t speak on it as much as other guys do, but I stand for our beliefs. Our beliefs as Americans. We have people that went and fought for us over the decades and over the centuries that fought for our freedom and our liberties to be able to protest, friendly protest and be able to have a voice individually.

“For the President to go ahead and call us a son of a bitch for doing what we’re right to do. The people that fought for our flag, that’s what they were fighting for, they were fighting for our freedom and our right to be able to do stuff like that.

“The only thing I wanted to do is do it together, and that’s what we did. We all held hands before the game, and we did it in solidarity.

“The NFL provides a platform. Some people -- Colin Kaepernick -- he’s taken advantage of it. People criticize back and forth, left and right. I’m a big fan of Muhammad Ali. He stood up for what he believed in back in the day.

“There were people outside of the sport, the media that hated Ali, that talked about Ali. We look at Ali now as a person that transcended time and not only made sports bigger, but made minorities bigger. …

“For all of us, for people, humanity, we’ve got to spread love. For POTUS of the greatest country in the world to say things like that , the whole Steph Curry thing and about Colin Kaepernick, I think he’s wrong. It sucks that we’ve got to listen to this crap all the time.

“Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job because of what he did. It wasn’t because of what he did on the field. … he can play quarterback in the league.”

As I asked before, keep it civil in the comments.