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Giants at Eagles, Week 3 Picks & Predictions: Big Blue View Staff Is Split

Who will be right this week?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Will the New York Giants be 1-2 with a chance to rebound after a slow start or 0-3 and almost certain not to make the playoffs when they leave Philadelphia on Sunday night. Here is what your Big Blue View staff contributors think

Chris Pflum

(1-1 straight up)

I honestly have no clue how to feel about this game. My head says that the Giants are probably in trouble. The Eagle's strengths match up well with the Giants' weaknesses (ie: their dangerous defensive line against the Giants' vulnerable offensive line), and playing in Philly has rarely been kind to the Giants. In particular, I'm worried about Brett Jones, Weston Richburg, and John Jerry blocking Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan. Eli Manning is a pocket passer through and through, and while he can move in the pocket, he needs something like a defined pocket in front of him in order to do his work. This game could, even should, be an ugly one for New York, resulting in a fall to 0-3, and 0-2 hole in the division, and a likely early start to Draft Season.

But then I think about the flashes of what could be, of what the Giants' offense could be when they're on the same page and not shooting themselves in the foot. They showed the creativity and variety we hoped to see all summer long. When they were in rhythm and executing, they ran through the Cowboys' and Lions' defenses like a hot knife through butter. I also think back to how the defense struggled for two weeks before putting things together in week three against Washington in 2007, how the offense similarly spun its tires in 2011 until facing the Eagles in week three, or the Texans in week three of 2014 (that year the team still finished 6-10, but that had much more to do with the defense than the offense).

Ultimately, I think this week will tell us much about this offense and the character of this team. This is a true Must Win game. Can they rise above their previous play, all their issues, and beat a bitter division rival at home and keep their season on life support?

You know what? Against the Eagles, with the season on the line, I'm going to ignore my head and pick with my heart:

Final score: Giants 28, Eagles 24

Kevin Haswell

(0-2 straight up)

The Giants are in a must win-game in just week three and they will play like it. After a week of watching film and adjusting, the Giants offense will turn the corner and show the hype is real. Game comes down to last possession in the fourth, Giants win.

Final score: Giants 28, Eagles 24

Dan Pizzuta

(1-1 straight up)

Over the first two weeks, the Giants had protection problems against the defensive lines of the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. Now they face a defensive line that’s legitimately good and excels at getting pressure with the front four. It’s hard to imagine the offense moving the ball on this Eagles defense after not being able to do so against the teams they played in the last two weeks.

On the other side of the ball, pressure is going to be key against Carson Wentz. If the Giants can rush his throws, they can force him into mistakes, but the coverage won’t be as good if Janoris Jenkins doesn’t suit up. This feels like another struggle on both sides of the ball.

Final score: Eagles 20, Giants 13

Mike Gallop

(0-2 straight up)

Unless we hear of changes to the starting OL, I don't know how you can pick the Giants. Big Blue has been manhandled in two straight, and now face an actually good front seven. If Darkwa starts and Flowers is benched, we have a chance. If not ...

Final score: Eagles 17, Giants 10

Valentine’s View

(0-2 straight up)

Well, I have always said that I’m lousy at predicting outcomes of games. I have shown faith in the Giants for two weeks, though I have to admit there have been plenty of warning signs along the way that should have made me think twice about that.

I have now arrived as the “show-me” phase of predicting Giants’ games.

This is an awful match-up for the Giants. For starters, it is in Philly where the Giants lost three straight games and mostly been awful. Eli Manning has more interceptions (29) against the Eagles than games played (26). The Eagles’ defensive line = dominant. The Giants’ offensive line = poor. Janoris Jenkins is unlikely to play, leaving a problem matching up against Philly wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

In Week 3, the Giants are already staring at the abyss. For all intents and purposes, the important part of the season will be over if the Giants lose on Sunday. Fans know it. Writers know it. Most importantly, players and coaches know it — even if they won’t admit it.

Will that desperation be enough? At this point, I can’t pick the Giants to win until they show me they can play competent offensive football, make some stops when they need them and not get hurt by their special teams.

Final score: Eagles 24, Giants 20