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New York Giants News, 9/22: Odell Beckham “Absolutely” Believes In Eli Manning

Let’s get caught up on today’s Giants-related news and notes

Detroit Lions v New York Giant Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Despite the team’s struggles on offense and the public criticism by coach Ben McAdoo, Odell Beckham Jr. still has faith in New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

“All day every day,” Beckham said. “Do I believe in 10? Absolutely. Is he going to lead us there? Absolutely. He’s done it before and I don’t see why he wouldn’t do it again. He just had a slow start, you know?”

Eli Apple Explains Touchdown

Cornerback Eli Apple surrendered a 27-yard touchdown Monday night on a play where it looked like he didn’t get turned around to find the ball quickly enough. Here is his take on the play:

“Well in the red zone, you never want to be too high on a receiver, and that’s one thing – that was the first mistake I made. I got too high on the touchdown and I kind of just was thinking too much and I was thinking which way I was going to look. When I really should’ve just turned into the receiver and just try to play chest-to-chest,” Apple said. “That’s something we practice all the time, just something I didn’t incorporate during that time.”

‘Snacks’ Compares Carson Wentz To Aaron Rodgers

Damon Harrison was asked Thursday about the difference in Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz from his rookie season last year to now.

“He just looks a whole lot more confident in the pocket. At times, he looks like Aaron Rodgers out there running around, evading the rush and still making some pretty good throws,” Harrison said.

Keenan Robinson “Feels Good”

Linebacker Keenan Robinson said Thursday that he “feels good” after being sidelined for more than a month by a concussion. After not practicing since early in training camp, though, how can Robinson help the Giants’ defense?

“Honestly, I don’t know,” he said. “Just hope I can just do my part. Whatever my job is, whether it’s manning the middle, covering backs, covering tight ends, I just want to do it as well as I can and just do my part on the play.”


Brandon Marshall, asked what piece he would be if football was a chess match