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“Kudos & Wet Willies” ... Starring Giants’ Punter Brad Wing

Once again, we turn “K&WW” over to a player

Detroit Lions vs New York Giants
Brad Wing
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago I tried a little something off the wall, asking New York Giants running back Orleans Darkwa to rate a few off-beat questions using our “Kudos & Wet Willies” grading scale. Darkwa garaciously played along, we had fun, and the resulting post was well-received.

So, let’s try again. Thursday, punter Brad Wing agreed to play along. Here is what happened.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s skills as an impressionist?

Why did I ask this? Because Beckham was strolling through the locker room Thursday doing a Mike Tyson impersonation.

Wing: “Kudos”

“He’s a very good impressionist.”

Does Wing have a favorite? “No. He’s good at everything.”

Is it OK for your girlfriend to propose marriage to you?

Where did this come from? Tight end Jerell Adams was meandering around the locker room Thursday soliciting opinions on that question. I didn’t ask Adams his reasoning for the question, so speculate amongst yourselves.

Wing: “I think that’s a “Wet Willie.” I don’t think that’s a good one.”

Wing’s opinion, incidentally, was pretty much universally shared by all the players I heard Adams canvas, and the ones I asked myself.

Nikki Minaj?

Minaj gave Wing a shout-out on a recently-released song, so I had to ask.

Wing: Gotta be “Kudos.” Everything Nikki “Kudos.”

Yes, yes, I know. Only three questions again. I promise I will do a better job from now of trying to prepare some stand-by questions for whoever is willing to give this a whirl.